Nelly Takes His Girlfriend Tae Heckard To The Gold Room Friday Night (Pictures)

· February 25, 2013


Nelly finally makes it official by taking his new girlfriend model and actress Tae Heckard to The Gold Room Friday night.

Nelly & Girlfriend Tae Heckard COUPLED UP In The Club In Atlanta

She’s already confirmed she will be returning to her role as “Jazz” on “The Game,” Tae is in ATL shooting and partying with her new man Nelly.



ntel7 ntel5 Nelly & Girlfriend Tae Heckard Atlantal4 Nelly & Girlfriend Tae Heckard compound Atlanta Nelly & Girlfriend Tae Heckard Atlanta


The twosome were spotted drinking and partying in their private booth all night as they partied with boutique owner/model Delicia Cordon who was hosting.

Photos: Prince Williams/

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Discussion11 Comments

  1. queso (The Corp) says:

    She lookin little rough in these joints…@Moors voice ‘O i love them rough lookin chicks”

  2. Realtalkin says:

    I didnt even kno him and ashanti stopped

  3. President Ward says:

    Lookin’ wasted ain’t cute.

  4. I’d take tae with me everywhere too!!

  5. numbers says:

    Why chics think its cute to throw up the middle finger….immature broad….she fine as hell though

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