Nelly: Too Many Tatts or I’d Smash That?

· August 11, 2014

Next up on the ANS is Nelly straight outta Philly.Understand in Philly women have just as many tattoo’s as the dudes. Too many tatts or you’d smash that?

  • SuperFLY

    id just get my #$$$ slurped up real good by her n leave….she looks nasty n like her coochie stanks…

    • 850

      @Superfly damn homie like dat? I know Stereotyping, is a bad thing to do but ole well shoot me. Me personally I think this female here is a freak! She look like the type that will have a brother knocking off from work early to come beat it up. She look like the type that keeps herself clean at all times. I bet she smells like lavender and peaches.

    • I AM R.E.X.!!!

      Some thirsty mothaphuckas will smash anything that moves just to say they hit the coochie,but i got alil more integrity than that HELL NAW I WOULDNT F*** HER WITH MY ENEMIES D*** n im not judging or being high n mighty IT IS WHAT IT IS THO!!!

  • Greg4422

    She looks like walking hepatitis B

  • M0311

    Tatts are never a turn off for smashing. Not gonna wife her though.

  • 1luv

    Yo this is a black rocker chick. She rockin a AC/DC tank top. I still smash.

    • 850

      @1Luv exactly, I bet she’s a “Superfreak”.

      • 1luv

        The kind that likes the picked up and tossed around!

  • BnBHP

    she has a lot going on… I’ll have to pass on this one…

  • Kvn Jns

    Man who would wife that bull shit that smash action allday she might be low on her rent now I need to get up with her now lol

  • Seanjohn100

    Hell no

  • Joe big

    Yes sirrr

  • MGC infaRED

    She’s an upgraded version of Secret Moneii…

    I’d smash

    • Playboy69

      @MGC Red…Secret Moneii is better tho…she is queen of pole in ATL…now pay homage…LOL

    • MoorThugRelated

      U crazy as hell. The ppl would vote different. The tatts on the stomach did her in. I don’t like it.

      • 1luv

        She looks less harsh in the face then Moneii. The only thing Secret has is that fat ass, with out it, she looks like a women from another planet.

      • Playboy69

        @Moor…Preach!. Secret Moneii All day

  • Playboy69



    she gets my approval she sexy as hell.. im over washed out fat booty chicks im on that #TeamSlimThick now.. Certified smashable!

    • 850

      @Lamb after reviewing her pics again she’s beautiful to me. I know everyone on here have some high ass standards and in actual reality, some cats on here can’t even bag a chick like this. Then they have the nerve to have their noses in the air FOH.

      • 1luv

        +1 850, you have to stay in your lane and stop playing yourself with high standard women you know you can’t afford.


        @850 & @1luv .. I know half the niqqas that commenting bs bout this chick personal broads cant come close or walk in lil mommas shoes… The chick is fine as hell & she got a cute face plus the dreads… she might not appear to be the wifey type but she might be chilled as hell & play the down ass chick role a niqqa be looking for…She straight!

        • 850

          @1luv Exactly!!!!! Tell you what gimmie this lil momma here if her mind is right. If she knows, her role as a female then her stocks will rise like a plane hitting the sky. They can have all these high price overrated women. If thy keep fooling with them type of women they will be broke in 6 months.

          @Lamb my point exactly. I asked Hahz too, have all the Wolfpack members to send in a pic of their ole ladies or their old flames. Don’t know why he didn’t let it happen but i’m quite sure it was for a good reason lol. As for Nelly, she’s good to go in my books for real.

  • HRapBrown

    This chick is crazy as a sh&t house rat, I gur-an-tee

  • tHe kiD fRanKiE

    Hittable yes!
    Worth it no!

    Overboard tats makes her look dirty

    Nice tits n lil bubble chica the complex cute face

    But I get the sense she goin bring drama


      @TheKId.. I got tatts & my bitches love my tatts… I would never judge someone because they have tatts dawg.. thats called stereotyping man.. idkgaf how many tatts she got!

  • miguel_t

    Che Mack or whatever her name is got too many tats and I’d smash her. Shorty tho … meh *shrug* idk


    whats her ig name btw?? Anyone???

  • downbydariver

    @BStrait type of bitch right here (a snake) fucc outta here…..

  • Raphael

    whats her instagram.

  • Quai-Quai_ 22

    I don’t care if that’s too many tattoos. I’ll still smash.

  • crabapples

    Tats are out of control but she has a nice shape. sexy as phuc. love her locks. Very well kept and clean. Cute face too. I’m smashing no doubt.

  • DCAssLuva

    nelly wit tha jelly!! phat ass im not a fan of tats any more than 2 3 small ones are too much for me but hey (shrugs) i got used too it on her

  • blvckvillain

    yo hanz whats her IG

  • jman04

    If her ass is real!