Nekisha Taneli, Stephanie Chevalier & Irene The Dream Headed To The Club

· June 3, 2013


Nekisha Taneli, Stephanie Chevalier, Sheneka Adams & Irene The Dream hit the club this past weekend.


Stephanie Chevalier
Stephanie Chevalier_v81ru423qo1_1280 Stephanie Chevalier_ans_v81ru423qo2_1280

Nekisha TaneliNekisha Taneli ru423qo1_1280
Nekisha Taneli_3qo2_1280

Irene The Dream



Sheneka Adams
Sheneka Adams_o1_1280

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Discussion27 Comments

  1. Stephanie & her buddy in pic #1 are the winners to me!! But all ladies look good. Stephanie & her friend are sponsored by “MGC”

  2. Big ALbert says:

    All of them could get blessed by ya boy.

  3. TruDat says:

    Nekisha is the absolute “Truth”. Keep her “Cummin” Hahz. LOL

    One Love

  4. Sol Novus,it’s simple. But yo,ima have to hit up Irene on a video or something’s about that time

  5. HerBabyDaddy says:

    Nekisha Taneli gets my vote. Idk got a thing for girls with curly hair. Young Jeezy said it best ” passengers a red bone, her weave look like some curly fries.” Irene’s a close second for me. All of these females lookin good tho.

  6. presto 2.5 says:

    Roll’n wit Irene…shorty be fuk’n up some stances…legs cocked 24-7…makes a nicca wanna slide his hand up dem thighs…but the chick sell’n clothes on Insta fuks up the daydream…talk’n bout hit me up if you wanna buy this-that…lol…chick im tryn to buy some butt…Lets make a Deal…lol

    MGC in tha building!…props to the curly hair choco…but yall niccas still whack as they come!

  7. President Ward says:

    Nekisha Taneli got me speechless.

  8. Playboy69 says:

    Stephanie Chevalier gets the Standing Ovation!….Irene, Sheneka, & Nekisha needs a seat because Stephanie Chevalier is the Winner!

  9. 828jeffe says:

    Nekisha hands down. She is extra fine

  10. jfizzle says:

    Irene and ‘Neka get my vote. Yo, do y’all see Lil Kim looking like a muppet in the background. Damnn low self esteem is a motherf*cker, she used be so “hood chick” cute!!

  11. RED(Corp) says:

    Nekisha Taneli my choice them legs looking right

  12. 1luv says:

    Nekisha Taneli looks good to me without even doing that extra stuff.

  13. BullnBearHP says:

    Stephanie Chevalier

  14. blizzy says:

    Nekisha and Irene does it for me

  15. Larcen says:

    Irene The Dream takes another one

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