Nekisha Taneil Gets It From Her Mama

· August 28, 2013

Nekisha Taneil been quietly moving up the ranks slowly but surely. She comes through with these images flaunting that perfect smile and banging body. Her mother is also in a shot with her and is looking pretty good too. Check out her pictures from were she is from St.Vincent.


Via Playboy69


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  1. Weak!!!!

    Where them MGC chicks????

  2. Otis Seay says:

    Damn them thighs!

  3. queso (the corp) says:

    Yea this broads body is crazy…got dayum them hips!! Long as# face though.

  4. RED(MGC World) says:

    I’d holla at her

  5. President Ward says:

    She fine with a nice body shape.

  6. K-iller (DaCorpNigga) says:

    Wide body Benz with a Cadillac grill! SMH

    • President Ward says:

      @Killer did u see how i did @Red?

      Don’t be next Tracy Morgan lookin’ n1gga.

      • RED(MGC World) says:

        Nigga you ain’t did shit but show how hurt you are from me dissing you last year for being the lamest poster on this site…..You only proving me right by digging thry old comments of mine from 3 years ago

        now go find Melyssa Ford so she can reject you again

  7. Old Skool Quote says:

    Pass! 6 at best

  8. President Ward says:

    She looks like that chick from the movie Dead Presidents.

  9. Fantasygirl says:

    Finally a natural body and not those fake ugly butts yall lust after. And her face iss not full of clown makeup, better than that fake crap you all lust over. I forgot how hard yall are on the black girls. But yall like that Leprechan face chick Rosee whatever the hell her name is.

    • Playboy69 says:

      @Fantasygirl….Put your photos up then if you are so MAD….LOL!

    • cadillacgrease of CorpTx says:

      thats a lil harsh @fantasy..thats @playboy that likes “plastics”..ol girl fly..all natural like Beauty P!!

      • Playboy69 says:

        @cad…. U & Fantasy Girl need to respect that Deelishis now “CONTROL” the ANS Eye Candy YARD!….Maliah Michel had to learn it the HARD WAY!….IT’S TEAM FAIRY TALES STRONG!….LOL!

    • Greg4422 says:

      I agree with Fantasygirl…this girl is a natural beauty and thats a 100% natural body…no fix-a-flat in that ass

      • Fantasygirl says:

        Yep those fake butts that look like high pointy breast implants lmao. But this girl has her thick healthy natural hair in a puff in the first two pictures, so she doesn’t have to worry about wearing fake shiny looking weaves “all the time” cause her natural hair looks healthy. Her skin looks clear and beautiful, and she has great teeth and a real body.

    • Mister Mister says:

      What’s puzzling is it seems she’s rocking her natural hair in pic#2 but yet still wears excessive weaves in the rest of the pics smh.

      Other than that, I like her

      • Fantasygirl says:

        Notice I said she doesn’t have to wear those weaves “ALL THE TIME” which it seems like she doesn’t, because she has healthy natural hair. Women wear protective hairstyles. Wigs, braids and sewn in hairstyles are great for women growing their natural hair, to proctect it from breakage. African American hair is prone to breakage no matter what you do to it. Natural hair needs TLC quality, so these protective hairstyles are also very conveinient. A lot of women only wear it when they need to protect their hair, but most of the time natural hair sistas like me wear our natural hair out, to let it breath and continue to get healthy. Oprah wore wigs to protect her natural hair and now she wears her real natural hair which is down her back, big pretty and puffy.

        • Old Skool Quote says:

          Excuses for the hair!! Just wear a natural and take care of it! My girl got dreads and she don’t worry about it at all. Just tired of the weaves just stop. I can appreciate a woman that all natural but they like unicorns!!

          • Fantasygirl says:

            Sweetheart, I’m givng you my experience as a natural hair black woman. Locs are totally different hon. Keep them washed, and conditioned that’s pretty much it until you get them re-done. However they also can break. They’re still different than loose natural hair THAT’S CHEMICAL FREE. No relaxers, no straigtening products etc. The men in my family have locs galore, it looks like a Waka Flocka video when I come around them. Natural kinky loose hair takes time. I’m a natural hair woman, I know what I’m talking about. You just can’t wash it and go, especially negro hair. Our hair breaks, and gets matted so we have to make sure we protected. Go to youtube and see the many videos of black women with natural hair, a lot of us have like steps, and routines we have to follow to maintain the growth and to prevent drying and breakage. Look at Kat Williams for example, he kept his hair permed, then it began to break and get short and damaged looking from all the styling and processing. Natural hair is free from chemicals but needs more TLC and protection, these aren’t excuses, this is coming from a WOMAN who is BLACK with negro hair. Our hair is different, everyone’s hair journey is different, which is why there are women posting videos of their own formulas and routines for their black natural hair. Those who don’t have it won’t get it.

  10. Playboy69 says:

    She nice….She gets the 8.5 Card!

  11. Big ALbert says:

    I’d give her 9. I’d cuff her.

    She fine to me. Her body reminds me of that Mz Sammie chick.

  12. Moor#BpCoffins says:

    9+ on the scorecard. She look like Mylissa’s toned down younger, prettier sister.

    And shot-out to #MGC… its literally shots out when we see them fuq nigras.


    • RED(MGC World) says:

      Ya’ll running around with cap guns at TC thinking they big shots until MGC pull up with some shit you thought only existed in Call Of Duty.

      • Moor#BpCoffins says:

        Nigga pleaze. #TC niggas ride around wit Robo Cop straps and we don’t rap, just grip it & point. But you already knew that.

  13. Big ALbert says:

    Man some of yall niccas is colorstruck like a muthafucca for real. Yall act like only light-skinned broads can be pretty in the face. That’s why yall be having dumb azz comments about Brown skinned chicks that actually are attractive like nekisha, Bria, Khrysti, etc… Neither one of those chicks are ugly in the face and if nicca say different he gay.

  14. lazarus says:

    this is nice as He!!, I’m throwing a strong 8.5-9 card and trying to get on the back of that waverunner with her. SMH
    Hip and thigh game is ridiculous too.

  15. ginoBrown says:

    She fine

  16. miller says:

    She so bad body on point skin tone on point bout time we see somthin different from what yall usually post all same lookin broads man black women sure are beautiful

  17. Realtalkin says:

    Hahz u got that name wrong playa up there!

    Nekisha is nicee though!

  18. 850 says:

    Hey I wanna see a Vs poll with this lady here and one of MGC ladies. Make it happen Captains!

    • RED(MGC World) says:

      You really want to see MGC aka 2001 Lakers(went 15-1 in Playoffs) vs TC aka 2001 Chicago Bulls(record was 15-67)?

      • 850 says:

        @Red yeah why not? Lst face off we had if I ‘m not mistaken we kick MGC azz! And we have plenty of weapons to do it again my friend. We’re deep like the dolphins in the sea when it comes to beauty queens.

  19. Big ALbert says:

    She one of them chicks that if you dating her you be at work day dreaming about the freaky sh1t you wanna try on her. When she take them clothes off you feel like a kid in a candy store

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