Following last nights matchup between the Atlanta Hawks and visiting Los Angeles Lakers, many believed that the play in which Kobe received his ankle injury was a dirty play and that he should have been sent to the foul line. The NBA’s league offices reviewed the tapes and shared the response to the play.

The league office announced on NBA‘s official website agreed that indeed the  play was deserving of a foul called and that Jones stepped into Bryant as he was coming down off the fadeaway causing the severe sprain. They said that the referees missed the call and Bryant should have been sent to the line to take his two free throws.

  • Bullshit he just missed the damn shot!!! Missed shots & missed foul calls happen every damn game smh. It is..what it is!!! #let it go

  • Mister Mister

    That shyt happens in the NBA, I don’t believe ol boy tried to hurt Kobe on purpose. Like he said, Kobe kicked his leg out, which should have been an offensive foul, technically

  • jamar

    this is why its so hard for me to watch a whole NBA game…the game is one sided…you cant play defense, which leads me to believe the games arent legit…if Kobe is a superstar, let him earn his buckets….dont reward him with free shots because somebody deed up on his azz.

    • MoorFedayeen

      Yea but my man shouldn’t have been under him like that on fade away. Its a fact that cats try to take dudes out the game with bs like that.

      • Big B

        The only one on here commenting with some sense.