Comedian Kevin Hart is the 2 time NBA All-Star Celebrity game MVP award winner. Last night his West team defeated Nick Cannon’s East team 58-38…

Hart was fantastically miniscule with 5 points, 3 rebounds and 1 assist but his “emotional” MVP award acceptance speech was pure comedy…

Check out Clyde Drexler’s expression. Classic.

Before the game, Kev faints at seeing another Westbrook zany outfit.

  • Cease

    2nd year in a row Arnie Duncan has been robbed lol

  • G

    Lmboooooo he stupid

  • MR305

    Kevin Hart still lost to Chris Brown and Ne Yo lol

  • kainatch

    I went there… In the first part of the game, he just kept running back and forth. He looked vey tired. I remember he did once score a dunk. I didn’t pay that much attention to him after that though. I was too busy staring at Josh Hutcherson. 😀

  • Fdat

    lol a kevin hart katt williams movie would be one of the funniest of all time

  • hey, here’s a funny video of kevin hart doing the Harlem Shake after winning the MVP title. LOL, Would be cool if you could post! 🙂

  • too_funny

    Trey song sucks
    Common temendously terrible
    Terrance J wild and sucks
    Usain Bolt sucks stick to track, cricket, and soccor
    Neyo sucks…lookin like Daymon Waynes’ Handyman
    Nic Cannon sucks

    these bamas dont even have sorry game…