Natalie Nunn Blackmens Magazine Spread

· September 30, 2011

Check out reality show bad girl Natalie Nunn Blackmens Magazine photoshot spread. Natalie looks 10x better then how she used to look but she is annoying as hell when she starts talking. Are you feeling these pics.?

Propz CC

The night she kissed Lil Kim

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  1. B STRAIT UP says:

    Id hit her but that damn chin…smh

  2. moorfedayeen says:

    Another ugly broad I’d step out with. F%ck it.

  3. Downbydariver says:

    Lmao @ moor…i feel u homie..smh…

  4. mr leftfoot says:

    she nice but that mop on her head gotta go

  5. T-Fleezee says:

    Even though she got a chin like Joe from Family Guy she looking good right here. I’d stuff her.

  6. Plansky says:

    LMAO dude called her hairdo a MOP!!! Does have Jay Leno chin… over all Id impregnate

  7. Big AL says:

    I’m not gonna stop at the chin, she’s just a buttaface plain and simple…..I’d smash tho 6.5

  8. TYBO2020 says:


  9. Cold an Hot says:

    Shit that chin is something serious, you just can’t deny that lmao! But I can’t lie, bitch got a bangin as body. I mean what’s worse a chick with a average grill and a banging tight body or a pretty face chick with a average or sloppy body?

  10. Legacy says:

    Either she had some work done or this is photo shopped to the extreme. Either way she still ugly but her body is right.

  11. jpari says:

    lol @ them photoshopping her chin
    face…. she’s pretty she just got a big chin a forhead
    body is bad outfit & hair is on point

  12. crabapples says:

    she got a dude’s jawbone. she looks like mickey rourke. but i must admit the body is spectacular. next…

  13. Hood Prophet says:

    I’d reward her with a semen shower…..Then maybe a golden one

  14. WHATDAHELL says:

    damn. we finally got the measurements. her chin is 3 inches. lmao.

  15. MD says:

    She need a long chin so she can deep throat!

  16. Trio5 says:

    Crazy that not even Photoshop can make her face better.

    The unphotoshopped photos show the real her and she’s even uglier.

    Nice body though. Wouldn’t touch her.

  17. mr.portcity says:

    Something is fishy cuz her body is this good

  18. Judge Joe Brown says:

    Its cool…her chin can keep my balls company …

  19. Quai-Quai_19 says:

    She sure is fine.

  20. G 26's says:

    that boy judge joe brown a damn fool,he say her chin can keep his balls company,that body nice though i’d smash in a heartbeat

  21. Dion says:

    It might b bcuz im high but she look like hilary banks in the 2nd pic

  22. Be Ez says:

    She look like Jay Leno………… nothing special here #KeepItMovin’

  23. Beyoncca says:

    Natalie you look great! I’d bet these negative comments are from fat ugly females. You are gorgeous, smart and your body’s bangin. You are by far the most popular bad girl from the entire franchise. Keep aiming for the top where you should be hotness!

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