Natalia Inoue (aka Natty Raney) half-ja*anese, half-Brazilian model

· December 23, 2010

Natalia Inoue is the real-life Chun Li. Natalia Inoue (aka Natty Raney) is a half-ja*anese, half-Brazilian fitness model. Under the dictionary for thick thighs they could use her legs as a ref. not only does she have a body out of this world she is cute also.

Your thoughts on her?

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  1. MoorFedayeen says:

    Damn they even showed her doing her leg extensions at the gym. I know she do alot of those with quads like that. #6 look kinda scary though

    • Forty_and_Fly_Guy says:

      Moor, look at the pic above the leg extensions, she’s doing full blown squats, with a male spotter, no less. I knew she had to do something with quads and glutes, like that. Most asian women are genetically flat.

      • Forty_and_Fly_Guy says:

        She is definetly a fitness competitor/bodybuilder.

        • MoorFedayeen says:

          That aint her Asian side-that’s all Brazil right there and yes, she must be into competitions cause no one just does that type of working out for nothin. That’s a Smith Machine she’s squatting on like the one Coco was using. Every woman should do those, especially the ones that want to add something to the back w/o the shots. This girl right up my alley cause I watch what I eat and so does she.

          • Forty_and_Fly_Guy says:

            Moor.. I am slipping. I didn’t see that it was a smith machine. I thought she was doing traditional squats. She musta still had alot of weight on the bar cuz she had a spotter. And as you know you can get into trouble at the bottom position below the catches.

  2. B strait up says:

    yeah she nice! Japanese & brazilian! That’s a helluva combination lol

  3. D'mage' says:

    Kinda cute, but a bit to muscular 4 me” (look like a lil TRANSFORMER)

  4. ThatDude says:

    she nice, but man i dunno bout this one…u mess around & get ur back broke between them thighs, or if u go down could be your neck!

    • MoorFedayeen says:

      Well I do my deadlifts and back extensions so I aint worried. I’ll wrestle wit her any time

      • jfizzle says:

        @Moor, word up, you could get a full out MMA match with her. Asian/Brazilian that’s one exotic combo. I’d rub duck sauce and pineapple juice all on her.

        • 850boi says:

          Lmao @Jfizzle……..@thatdude man I would be afraid to go down on this chick. Because when she catch that nut and she fuck round and wrap them python thighs around ur neck that’s it there homie ur in a body bag. And ur peeps will be wearing ur face on the front of a t-shirt. Lol…bad way to go out lol. But she’s hella bad thou.

    • gostspkr says:

      OOOOoooh yeeah, Death By Satisfaction.

  5. d says:

    shes horrible!!!

  6. lonestar playa says:

    I fuckin luv fit women. Yall can b scared of her if u want but I can handle sum’n like dis.

  7. Just saying says:

    I like those little fitness b1tches. I’ll tussle with her day and night.

    -just saying

  8. HEAVY says:


  9. WayJay says:

    She’s OK…just OK… she’s a weird mix for me, she’s not all that cute but I would probably try her on a good day. I like fit women but her legs make her look odd. Just my opinion!

  10. Blue says:

    This my Million dolla piece right here, fux a dyme… I would wife shawty in a min, she killing the game legs, abs, nice bi’s & tri’s, I wouldn’t get tired of pics of her. Glad you finally brought her back good looking Hahz!!!

  11. TBM says:

    This chick is gorgeous and she works out and you know her body is tight in all areas :)

  12. TROY says:


  13. Michael Morrison says:

    I’m sorry but she isn’t as beautiful or thick as Chun Li.

  14. Amarok says:

    Does anyone have any stats on her, like what her height is?

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