NASCAR has long been accused of racial discrimination, with multiple lawsuits filed by ethnic minorities accusing the organization of bias.

Norfleet comes from a line of drivers in her family her father Bobby Norfleet, made his NASCAR debut at the Portland International Raceway road course on March 26, 2000, where he competed against NASCAR driver Bill Lester.

“It is sheer passion and instinct that drives this youngster to want to compete in this sport, she was born to compete,”

says Isaac Hayes, spokesperson/CEO of the online fund raising organization,

It was the only time in NASCAR history that two African-Americans drivers have competed at the same time.

Tia was the spokesperson for the Safe America Diving program, and has appeared in commercials such as the Verizon wireless, numerous magazine ads and radio and television interviews — Tia Norfleet hopes to inspire Black women everywhere to follow their dreams.

The question remains, will the NASCAR community accept Tia for who she is? “Our goal is to raise funds needed for everyone to find out,” says Edward Williams, founder of the medium sized marketing company Team Tia.

Taking a page out of President Obama’s playbook, the group is going grassroots to make history. Williams said “If President Obama can raise $700 million, surely we can raise $5 million to get Tia on the track. We have a good team and I think with the public’s help we can get Tia on the track and testing in two weeks.

“To ensure the success of this effort to fundraise,” says Hayes, CEO of, “we have inked a lucrative deal with Alvin Kline, the social media guru and wed success agency team to head this unique grassroots online crown funding campaign.”

Hayes continues,

“I am confident that Alvin Kline along with Team Tia and the additional benefits and memorabilia we are offering the donors at should allow us the chance to find out.”

As Tia prepares to take the wheel, the world holds on and wonders if the community that she supports will support her. The answer awaits at the finish line.


  • Red #Caramel_World

    Caramel World Making Big Moves right now early in the morning

    Tia is now the Franchise Player.

    Them Rednecks about to be Pissed Off

    • a55town

      @Red_ Man you right about that. Them dudes bout to retire, cause first it’s a woman, 2nd she Black….Let the “Race” jokes begin @ the races…..

      They only accept D. Patrick cause she a sexy white woman.

      • desolation

        d. patrick sexy ? …… ok…… but naw, this broad better get her head correct or else she’s gonna have a hard time for real. Anyway, she look gud tho.

    • Thabo

      Yep Nascar is racist. Her head better be in the gamein order to deal with the challenge.

  • wobeli

    Fine w/ambition

  • joe

    Shoot She’s the Only African american NAScar driver, much less black female. Hope she does well and works hard.

    • Realtalkldn


  • Six Years!

    leave NASCAR to the white folks….we nee participate less in their culture and participate more in ours

    • True that Six Years, So True.

      • MoorFed



    nascar, baseball, and hockey. just cant get into them.

  • TYBO2020

    SALUTE 😉

  • prince_kosmic

    I like her but I dismiss her choice of profession. Why? Why do Black folks continue to feel the need to “break ground” among Europeans? To prove what, that you can do it among Europeans or do it as well? We already know that chit. Create your own NASCAR for Blacks, Afrikan Racing Association, lmao. Make them “break ground” in our sport. And a message to all “ethnic” minorities and women who have sued NASCAR for discrimination, etc.: You are a fuking idiot. Walk into a KKK meeting and get your azz whooped and then sue. It’s the same thing. You asked to be discriminated against. If you step on a pile of chit, you should expect it to stink and it will not smell when you scoop it up.

    • prince_kosmic

      i meant “smell better”

  • PapiChulo

    She look nice and story sounds good but unless she has been driving or training for years since youth, then this story is comes off like a gimmick.

    Honestly Nascar and its sponsors/investors for years have been crying for a black tiger woods type story. Can you imagine what it would do for the declining sport ratiings and investors would literally throw money at just a contender. Nascar has had several programs for years trying to get different races to succeed.

    The problem is that NASCAR IS a culture sport and its almost like you have to inherit it or start a young age or you will be sh!t out of luck, she can raise all the damnnnn money she wants but instead of inspiration how about she show some footage of short circuit runs or even a go kart

    • prince_kosmic

      all it would do is make white folks feel better about themselves and give them something in their back pocket to “prove” they are not racist. Black folks gone learn to ignore these fools one day.

  • PapiChulo

    I actually know a famous black BMX motorcycle drive named BUBBA he is from my home county “polk county florida” some consider him the tiger woods of MOTOCROSS BIKES, he has made millions

    he has even tried NASCAR but again you have to start that sh!t at a yung age and it takes money, GO daddy , nascar and dana kilpatrick are crossing their fingers for her to just compete well and she aint really improving, trust sh!t aint easy

    they should have stared this chick at a young age, but either way wish her the best

  • Who cares???? But if she can race it’s all good.

  • Really cool

    Why the got her looking all Over sexed?

  • ^TBM^

    I hope she does well and is safe because NASCAR isn’t really friendly when it comes to the blacks. I wish her the very best and all the success in the world!

  • She is hot!!!

  • Sohated313

    She is very hot!

  • TW2006

    To them coons at the top of the comments; y’all are just like some crabs in a bucket trying to discourage the next man or women trying to achieve their dreams. And what is this “break ground” comment ? What if there wasn’t any marches and protest of the 50’s and 60’s to get this so called white man educations yo dumb ass wouldn’t know how to type or spell your post. i bet your black ass play basketball; that sport wasn’t created by a black person and neither was football. just because another race watches or participate in a sport means it’s their sport. Elevate your thought process man. With your thinking we would never achieve anything and would be scared to try new things. With yo uncle ruckus ass.

    • kai

      I agree.

    • TW2006, were not coons that can’t think outside of our hood, many of us just see the truth behind this for what it really is. NASCAR has fallen off in the last decade and they belive that if the drivers took tia even half as seriously as a driver that they took danica then that would have that tiger woods effect on nascar. It’s not that we brothers don’t wan’t tia to succeed or win a race but, we brothers know better now. Think about this, that black hockey player for the L.A. Kings that made the series winning goal got death threats and called all types of disrespectful names because of his race. And of course they got her wearing a miniskirt that (BTW SHE LOOKS DAMM GOOD IN) to not only promote her but NASCAR in general. It’s what they do with all the females that try to wing it in nascar.

    • prince_kosmic

      I’m a crab for discouraging a Black woman from following her dreams of trying to copy white men? STFU idiot and all the idiots who agree with you. My point was, why not make our own racing sport series and aspire or dream about that. Get some knowledge and know what the fuk you are talking about before you speak on somebody else’s words, IDIOT CLOWN

      • kai

        (No disrespect) But, excuse you, need to call me an idiot. I’m far from that. I see that I have to be specific. When he referred to ya’ll as coons, I didn’t agree with that. I agreed with his view on the “white sport”…honestly, why start our own association with racing? That would be a huge financial risk for those financially involved, plus why divide the races. We’re already divided enough. If you can get that started and make millions, more power to you, no discouragement.

    • prince_kosmic

      THE TRICK IS, tw2006 IDIOT CLOWN, is to take that “white man’s education”, which is actually “afrikan education” (see, you idiot), and then use it in it’s proper context: the uplifing of the colored peoples of the globe, as opposed to using it to oppressed to colored peoples of the world so that white racists can sit at a race track for 6 hours and play go-cart racing. IDIOT. Research for your education: Cheikh Ante Diop, John Henrik Clark, and Dr. Phil Valentine.

      • prince_kosmic

        and let me add,tw2006 idiot, what was the state of all black schools before 1954 Brown vs Board of Education? Do you know idiot? They were perfectly fine and well funded by BLACK PEOPLE!!! Now because of budget cuts, they are being closed and consolidated. Get some knowledge idiot, you’re embarrassing yourself with that slave history/mentality you have.

        • prince_kosmic

          and Uncle Ruckus was a character created for idiots like you, who love to “break ground” among white folks, idiot.

          • TW2006

            Prince_kosmic If your ignorant ass could read i said “SO CALLED WHITE MAN EDUCATION”. I am not going to debate you on education because i can see you to slow to read and comprehend; plus this post is not about education. Its about this beautiful women following her dream because she seen her dad race. I am pretty sure her dad told her what she’s getting herself into. It’s not about breaking ground its about supporting our people in anything they choose that’s positive and especially our black women. Idiot!!!!

          • prince_kosmic

            negroe stop justifying your stupidity. you and i both know exactly what you meant and you have probably told 100 black men the same thing: If it wasn’t for “white education” we would have none at all. You just got checked with some FACTS and now you want to “ACT” like you knew that already. Cause homie, if you did, then you would not have taken the time to directly diss me when I was speaking truth. And TRUTH does not support anything that supports or entertains white folks at the expense of “breaking ground” or following some European dream. Especially our Black WOMEN. So who is her father? Was he successful at breaking into this white man’s game? So instead of dreaming to work for white folks, why not dream of owning the venue, her own NASCAR, so we can have more people like her father doing what they “dream” about instead of waiting on white folks to accept her. IDIOT.

  • kai

    I hope things work out for her. She has a dream and trying to fulfill it…how many people are doing what they’ve always dreamed or in the process of getting there, not many. I don’t think she’s like oh, there’s no black people in this let me fix that. That’s crazy. She’ll make it.

  • 4xtra

    for you guys that keep saying “we need to stay with basketball/football or whatever”
    that is very very ignorant….
    She and others have the FULL right to venture in “other fields” outside what we do on the regular.
    Just because they do NOT do what you like you have NO RIGHT to chastise them.
    If you do what everyone else is doing because “that is how you do it in the hood or whatever”
    YOU ARE A DICK RIDER and a follower ….
    I do not respect a dick rider what so ever and that is the very problem with brothas ..
    They are so scared to do something outside of what their “hommies” are doing

  • JJarome

    Good to see her go for her dreams.