Long term hip hop fans have watched our favorite artist children grow from babies to adults. Nas daughter Destiny has had many verses and songs mention her name. Check out her latest flicks along with her mom’s Carmen who was also mentioned in some songs.

Nas baby moms Carmen..

  • Too much damn makeup….already trying to look to grown . I see why esco wrote his “daughters” song. These lil girls really be moving too fast smh. Carmen looking nice tho. Little destiny bigger than her moms smh(weight) LOL.

  • Big ALbert

    Damn I wouldnt mind letting Nas down for these two lol

    • ginoBrown


      • Realtalkin


  • MoorThugRelated

    Look like before and after weight loss from top to bottom. She cute in the face which is most important.

  • NoWhiteInMyCup

    Her baby moms and POPS was a legend in there own right

    her baby moms iverson, jayz and nas

    and her father top ten greatest rappers ever , talk about growing up with different perspectives

    • Big ALbert

      wtf are you talkin about?

      • NoWhiteInMyCup

        wtf am i talking about , i cleary stated what i said, her mom carmen was a known groupie who fooled with JAYZ, IVERSON AND NAS.

        She was in the middle of one of the biggest and probablly best RAP BATTLES OF ALL TIME, she also came out with a knock off SUPERHEAD tell all book, thats what im talking about

        Baby girl is a seed and came from two well knowns in two different perspectives.

        • I knew what you were talking about but she ain’t no legend. Just a ho!

          • MoorThugRelated

            +1 M0

            Broad is a bop.

  • Playboy69

    Mom still look better than daughter tho…LOL!

    • NoWhiteInMyCup

      Indeed she decent for her age , but she is a byrdddddddddd

      lol legendary hoee