Nas has been nominated for 13 Grammy Awards thus far in his career, and while it seemed like Sunday would be the night he finally took home a trophy, the Queensbridge rapper still walked away empty handed.

Nasir’s critically acclaimed 10th LP Life is Good was nominated for Best Rap Album, while his single “Daughters” was up for Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song, not to mention “Cherry Wine” (featuring Amy Winehouse) received a nod for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration.

Nas apparently has baby mama drama these days going on that doesn’t involve Kelis.

Sunday night his first BM Carmen Bryan fired shots at the Queens bridge MC for not inviting his daughter after being nominated for his song called “daughters”.


  • TheTruth

    this bitch is bitter why does he have to take his grown ass daughter every where he goes smh. i guess making a song about her is not enough, she just mad his other ex getting more child support money lol

  • Big ALbert

    smh. This broad is so damn stupid for this. Not only is she making herself look ignorant and bitter but she’s also putting her daughter and Nas in a awkward position.
    She talked so much sh!t about him over the years I wouldn’t be surprised if Nas’ daughter took his side in the argument.

    Babymamas aint sh!t

  • Maria

    Since when was his daughter entitled to go to EVERY awards show? Carmen is just looking for attention.

  • Realtalkin

    She need to be quiet this reeks of bitterness and attention seeking

    • mike


  • MoorFedayeen

    Bringing her would been such a good look and example for all but this b1tch don’t care. She just want something to harp about. I say that sh1t again, Getting a woman like this pregnant is my WORST fear.

  • E-Dub

    can someone say “attention wh0ring”

  • Monstadon


    What a sour useless hoar. this broad has done nothing but try to bring dude down. Sad shit really.


  • mike

    Nas doesn’t have to take her or his kid everywhere just because he was nominated for a song. smh Baby momas kill me with their crap.

  • staholly

    I am so sorry this little girl has her for a mother. How productive for the child to have her mother kicking in her father’s back every chance she gets. She has never said he doesn’t spend time with her or that he’s not financially supporting her. She complains about a song he did for father’s to learn from his mistakes and not taking her to the grammy’s. Who does that?