With all this talk about Sultry Simone y’all better recognize Nadean Imani. She is the one that posed side by side with Sultry and held her own in the picture below. You can tell by her thighs that her donk is real. She is a wifey shape prototype.

–> http://i.imgur.com/X7r2Z.jpg

  • http://atlnightspots.com B Strait 3000

    Oh I damn sure didn’t overlook her hahz lol. I remember u posted her before,she’s hot indeed!! Nadean imani > sultry simone(LOL @playboy). I still hate the weave but Nadean is nice..and thick!!! What’s up wit homie in that pic on the bottom….he trying rape sumthin LOL…is that @red lmao!!!

    • DonkRida

      Ahhhhhh ain’t nuttin like some chocolate women with big ass. This chic here is nice. Lmao @B, why you give @Red a hard time homie lol

      • http://atlnightspots.com B Strait 3000

        @donkrida, *releases statement*…”we over here at the BP corp go above & beyond duty to crush the competition(#teamchocolate) 24-7-365. Anyone associated with #teamchocolate will be terrorized on a daily basis” lmao!!! Naw @red is my mella tho..its all luv. “The following comment has been sponsored by BP corp 2012!!” LOL

        • queso BP.1

          @B +1

        • presto 2.0

          lmao…”Anyone associated wit #teamchoco will be terrorized on a daily basis”…lol

          …”yes…yes they will”…lol

      • BigBlackDude

        Yup ,nothing like some chocolate women with big azz. I wish she would visit my gym. I’m all in that!!!!

    • Playboy69

      @B Strait…Sultry Simone is 2012 DONK CHAMPION!….”Jeremy Lin status CHANTS at MSG ” for Sultry Simone!….B.Strait and BP Corp are in SHAME like the Golden State Warriors & Houston Rockets!…LMFAO!

      • http://atlnightspots.com 850

        Wolfpack wassup fella’s. Damn I see Hahz is bringing back ladies we had forgotten all about. Good job Hahz A.K.A Dennis Hof. Yeah now damn what all y’all say now Nadean is a 10 strait up.

        • http://atlnightspots.com 850
          • BigBlackDude

            @850, damn bruh that broad in the video is all foocked up!

          • http://atlnightspots.com 850

            @BBD yes she was. I wasn’t studden all of that I was enjoying the nudity she was exposing lol. But that is a turn off I don’t see how dudes can take advantage of a female when she’s like that.

          • Shaunyc

            Kudos to the youngin… U cant smash when a chic that drunk and u aint… Better to be a gentleman abt it, doing that on tv just got him mad pussy…

          • http://atlnightspots.com 850

            @Shaunyc yeah homie just got mad respect from the women. Guys as well especially when she tried to attack him for no reason. good dude in my books I know alot of dudes would of mutted her out and whipped her ass afterwards.

  • Will

    Giggity giggity goo!!!

    • http://atlnightspots.com 850

      @Will I had worst words than that. But she’ll make a brother smile.

  • Playboy69

    Nadeen Imani is Hot NINE but she is candle light compare SULTRY SIMONE FIRE!…LOL!

    • http://atlnightspots.com B Strait 3000

      @playboy69, **official judges scorecard**

      Nadean imani 8.0
      Sultry simone 6.5

      *Harold letterman voice*…”well B…the way is see it is they both rock heavy weaves & are thick. But Nadean azz is official while sultry simones azz looks like tenderized steak”..lmao!!!

      • Playboy69

        “Floyd Mayweather Voice”… B Strait scorecard is BOGUS!…check the Sultry Simone comment section today…Sultry Simone is UNDEFEATED JUST LIKE ME!…THE REAL CHAMP IS HERE!…LMAO!

      • Playboy69

        @B Strait…. Sultry Simone the WINNER!…”Nicki Minaj Voice”…THAT WHY U MAD!…LMAO!

      • presto 2.0

        “Tenderized Steak”…LMFAO!!

        • Playboy69

          @presto..2.0…simone got ruth chris steakhouse SOMETHING THAT PRESTO 2.0 & B STRAIT BROKE ASS CANNOT AFFORD!… “Sultry Simone Voice” y’all some Ramen noodles ass NIGGAS!…LMFAO!

          • presto 2.0

            tell Simone to reup on them jelly shots before she returns to the ANS stage…or we gonna ban her stank azz!

            **Presto see’s something leaking from Simone’s azz**

            **Presto wipes off with finger…and tastes**…”uuuhm…Strawberry!…”my favorite!!”

            …her azz looks like she been sittin on a pair of football cleats all day!…lmao!

          • Playboy69

            @Presto 2.0…”Nicki Minaj Voice”…They only time Presto 2.0 & B Strait wanna nut is when they GOOGLE SULTRY SIMONE ASS…LMAO! Sulry Simone is the GRAND CHAMP!…so stop complaining you Giselle Bundchen ASS NIGGA!…LMAO!

  • cnitty

    I’ll eat da sh## out dat chocolate. You know what it is Balls Deep!

    • http://atlnightspots.com B Strait 3000

      LOL…I ain’t mad at u playa!!!

      • http://atlnightspots.com 850


  • prime706

    yeah she tight work.

    • http://atlnightspots.com 850

      @Prime yes sir!

  • Red Of teamchocolate

    Pic #5 shows she got a lil Chunky Monkey


    • DonkRida

      Yes sir!!

  • hellrazer

    Another mud duck

    • Red Of teamchocolate

      You must be a caucasoid

      • MalleG’s

        I’m beginging to think he is, dude been saying some off the wall shiz for a minute now

  • JJ

    Damn fine



    • http://atlnightspots.com 850

      @Rex I second hand that boss.

  • realtalkldn

    shes getting it, with her authentic azz lol id smash over sultry all day i dno fellas i think that everyone gives sultry wayyy too much props

  • Cold and Hot

    Oh I been 4 got about Sultry lol. Dat azz nice and smooth and match them pretty thick legs of hers. The best thing about her is that her untouched pics look even better, smoove like chocolate lol!

  • Reese123

    Naaah her face ain’t cutting it for me…wud spend my precious time f$$$in anotha bitch dats badder!

  • Reese123

    Body is thick…but looks like a Boston terrier in da face…..ruff ruff nigga

  • Downbydariver

    Yea she thick-up just what a nigga need#ilike

  • showyaknow1

    gotta new favorite

  • Bigweezie

    Nice!!! My next baby mama!!!

  • wobeli

    Thick frame, I can dig it.

  • wobeli

    nice thickness here

  • Nobigurls

    Body is sick tho face is ehh too much makeup need a homegrown

  • http://atlnightspots.com 850

    hahz get on your j.o.b we need a vs poll. Team chocolate vs Bp cord. Who would be a good match for Nadean Imani? Think of something Hahz.

    • http://atlnightspots.com B Strait 3000

      BP corp gon win anyway LOL

      • presto 2.0

        plz choose someone from our “D league” squad…”or the shyts gonna get ugly as usual”…lol

        …our newest fly girl…whats her name @Bstr8?…(peach dress…phatazz shorty from recent posts)…she would destroy this lil lady!

        • http://atlnightspots.com 850

          @Presto A.K.A Bilal off of house party what’s up? You talking about Sophia? You know what that would be a good battle. Good thinking Dragon breath lol.

          B-strait you didn’t say all that when Portia got her ass handed to her by Sultry Simone. And another ass kicking I won’t forget is when Ms.Burgios beat the hell out of Keanni Cochelle. I was surprised as well but hey u have to love the fans on ANS right?

          • presto 2.0

            yes Sophia @pookie…lol

            …and most of the polls last year was swayed by the Wizard of Hahz…he would use the Bp “classy pic” vs. Teamchoco “skrippa pics”….a covered azz versus a butt naked azz…and butt naked will always win wit the masses!…THA CORP MY G!

          • http://atlnightspots.com 850

            @presto A.K.A Bilal that was B.S homie. Both women was half naked and if one wasn’t then the other wouldn’t be either. Well I take that back it was only one poll like that. But all I know we kciked y’all corp ass just like y’all kicked ours a few times.

  • tHe kiD fRanKiE

    Knock that up and it’s over for her tho
    Def smash status tho

    However I’m knocking both no questions asked

    • http://atlnightspots.com 850

      @Frankie naw dawg she’s the type that would be pissed she’ll live in a gym for months and when she comes back she’ll be thicker and sexier than ever. I’ll wife her with no hesitation.

  • http://atlnightspots.com 850


    She not showing much but this will do.

  • http://atlnightspots.com 850


    This video is alot better.

  • QuaiQuai_20

    Damn she thick as hell!!

  • D’mage

    Sultry who?…(All about Ms. Imani)

  • TYBO2020