Summer aka Mz Summer Breeze is going to get your full attention when she is in the club. 27 year old model Summer out of Can** Winchester, Ohio with the measurements of 36-27-40 is a good look all across the board. If you meet her in the night club that would be considered a good f*cking night. Thoughts?

Twitter @MzSummerBreeze

  • WHO IS REX?????

    YALL CAN TAKE SABRINA HUNTER OFF THE LIST,according to her facebook status she’s engaged,Damn I wanted that lol…but this chick here is tight too

    • Playboy69

      @Rex…Mz Summer Breeze has officially replace Sabrina Hunter!…LOL!

  • Playboy69

    Summer Breeze definitely is an Official DIMEPIECE! “Lil Wayne Voice” Hello World I’m with a YELLOW GIRL NUMBER TWO PENCIL…LOL!

  • queso BP.1

    Summer breeeeze…makes me feel fi-ineee….Bpcorp

    • LOL

      • treydarealest1

        i would pull that draw string ghetto ass pony tail out while i am smashing them lil cakes from the back though lmao

    • Red-Caramel City Inc.

      Summer Breeze couldn’t get thru that Smedium T shirts you be wearing

  • 614

    From columbus, never seen her.

    • Buck Buck

      Women in ohio tend to hide for some reason im from Da Land Ohio gott some nice women u just hardly ever see em

  • She’s alright …

  • treydarealest1

    she alright nothing special alot of clown makeup and weave smashable

  • tone

    @hahz man after that nicki post you would post a chick with the same likes of nicki lol I think she ok but how she look with out all the different weaves and makeup def hittable though

    • well whats a alternative posting all natural women once a month.

      • treydarealest1

        @hahz is right @tone this is what the world has come to women like this @hahz good looking out for face time post

  • desolation

    walk right past her

  • Sohated313

    the pic with the folded up beater did it for me

  • tone

    I would to look like any regular caked up chick in the club hittable though after a few drinks

  • realtalkldn

    yeah shes alright, your normal thick decent looking lady you’d see in the clubs who id happily holla at

  • Ice


  • DCAssLuva

    she wouldnt get all my attention i seen way better on here she nice though but wouldnt double take at her

  • Nobs


  • ShannelTheUgly

    9 10 11 12 Makeup & Hair was tight