Back by popular demand Mz DR homegrown pictures. Mz Dr is the Brandon Jennings of modeling coming in the game at 19 putting up 55 points.

  • 901 Gangsta


  • edog

    I don’t see anything good about her!!!!! sorry…..

  • adema

    Like my coach always said “I see the potential”

  • bangone

    she’s good…but too many turnovers. Hopefully she imporves as the season goes on.

  • 4REAL

    PASS!! 4REAL

  • mandingo

    I’d hit it. whip it into shape

  • B

    Yall are crazy 20 with a all natural azz she is starting on my squad.. yall pass on her like the teams did jennings

  • balaramesh

    she needs some exercise.

  • Scog81

    I aint passing on that right there. 20 yrs old & she thicker than a bitch. Alot of ASS back there so I’m good with her.

  • jfad

    @B c’mon starting, she can get a spot on the practice squad, but not starting. Matter of fact we’ll put her the triple A squad to get her game up, then call her up to the majors.

  • tino

    yall niggaz trippin… shawty gon be the baddest in the game next year… and wait til she get bout 23…
    i fck w/ shawty the long way… thats my type… preeshate this one admin…

  • grymm

    Niccas quick to hate on shyt. What? Ya’ll hatin cause she 8nt got fake titties and ass shots? Not to mention a million damn tatoo. Shorty’s gone kill the game in a couple of years. By the way… look at her Youtube videos before ya’ll go judgin. You’ll see what I’m talkin about.

  • Exclusive

    She is definitely an up comer, imma keep my eye on her.

  • Definitely not bad at all. PEACE!!!

  • Mr Nice Guy

    Not a hater, but I dont see it right now either. Maybe later, but not right now. She aight…

  • T-Fleezee

    She’s got potential she jus didn’t take good pics but the the body is nice. I’ll ride wit her.

  • Jaypream

    I don’t believe what I’m reading from some of u guys. If y’all passin on this chick I gotta question y’all manhood cuz that’s wifey material. Pass her my way cuz I’m smashing, impregnating, and wifey that.

  • DEN2


  • weezyiswayne609

    she just need a nigga to pt her under the wing an get her right in the gym,she nt cute at all. that ass is cute though.

  • KingKong

    I’d bring her off my bench as #6. That close to starter potential. Hell she probably start. Knock some ridiculousness out the way of REAL DEAL. She got a different face.

  • tongueUdown

    She could be my head nurse

  • bibboi

    u know she young with them black reebok classics, but she is cute but not model material

  • weezyiswayne609

    so sexy

  • Whoever said that they don’t want her starting on their team is absolutely crazy! She is top-notch for her to be so young, with all that ASSSSSSSSS!

  • killa


  • MellowG

    I like her poses.

  • vicki

    mmmm yo te vi en caso serrado y te busque pero mamita tienes demasiadas selulitis