Mya In The Studio With No Make Up On Still Looking se*y

· February 29, 2012

Yesterday Mya snapped a behind the scenes picture in the booth with out any make on while engineering “K.I.S.S” at Mix Studios Miami. Below are some pictures from All Star weekend day party at LAX. Thoughts?

Mya In The Studio With No Make Up On Still Looking se*y
Mya In The Studio With No Make Up On Still Looking se*y
Mya In The Studio With No Make Up On Still Looking se*y

  • LouieV

    This woman is gorgeous. I heard she was a smut too but honestly I wife mya.

    • jamar

      Mya has a pretty face,but her legs look like tree stumps.

      • Shaunyc

        Id suck on them stumps though…

    • @terryplease

      Um all bitches (ladies) r smuts wen dey wanna b. Say I’m lyin.

    • Jimmy89

      No hate but what do u see gorgeous . Avg cute mixed chick. She smash able but def ain’t a top contender



  • too_funny

    Always lookin good … can’t help but to think how those legs are gonna look after a baby or in 10yrs – grandma legs, cankles and spider Cain’s.

    • queso BP.1

      +1…pretty girl but definitely got the grandma type legs

    • MalleG’s

      pictures Mya 30yrs from now, shuffling down the sidewalk to get the newspaper, house coat on, wig slightly off center, legs looking like a road map. LMAO..Sorry fellas!!!!

      • queso BP.1

        @malle Lmao

    • BzB

      her cankles ain’t as bad as alicia keys. but for the immediate future, them legs are on point!!!

  • Seigel Beenie

    Look at those buttery yellow thighs!!

  • Cdubb77

    Yo. Her & Ashanti got the best legs in music.

    • too_funny

      Mya needs to work them legs out … yeah they nice and thick but not the best in the game

      • king burn

        You worried about best legs? Stop focusing on the little things

    • http://hittp/re jayjr melton


  • tone

    Mya mya mya now this is real beauty when a women don’t need no help with makeup she’s a true beauty is a known fact. Mya always been bad she get better with years

  • Chi Capitan


  • Cold and Hot

    She so fine wit them thick sexy legs. Too bad she probably don’t deal wit regular folks cause I’ll holla at her and scoop her up.

  • Hizzle

    Damn I hope I didn’t short out my computer keys after drooling….Damn she FINE!

  • tHe kiD fRanKiE

    I’d wife

  • WildWild

    I agree she does need to work on them legs cuz the bottom part is definitely pushing up on a cankle, but I’d kiss all over them tree stumps still, spreading em high and wide

  • Red Of The Teamchocolate

    Something about a thick pair Set me off to anotha Galaxy

    • Red Of The Teamchocolate


  • PapiChulo

    She still look the same when she came out with that Thong Thong Thong dude!

  • austin1872

    Mya would be speaking in tounges after I was through…always fine

  • wobeli

    Beautiful legs, all around nice combo face and body, love her.

  • kstyle601

    i agree with the grandma legs comments but she wears those legs nicely…at least her body parts aren’t fake like all these other Barbie bitches *shrugs shoulders*

  • realtalkldn

    dudes complaining bout the legs i cant agree with the fellas

    them legs are sexy and she is beautiful, she’d make a wife depending on her mindset

  • ShowYaKnow1


  • Bijou

    Mya is an evergreen she’s will always look Gorg LOVE HER

  • hustle man

    the hell with makeup… she looks like a box of krispy kreme doughnuts when the hot light is on

  • mr.p

    Ya dudes say “what if” too much. Mya looks good. Stop complaining about stuff that has never happened yet like her getting too sloppy or fat. Ya niggas would pull out the ring with no 2nd thought stop playing

  • pmcwhite2

    why has no one wifed her yet?somethings not right here

  • damnshame

    how can a women this sexy not have everything she wants in life…btw her legs look good 2 me..some of yall dudes hating.

  • ginoBrown

    Certified Thickness

  • TYBO2020


  • http://hittp/re jayjr melton

    hey sexy this jay