Multiple People Shot At Texas College Campus

· January 22, 2013


Multiple people have been shot at Lone Star College’s North Harris campus in Houston, Texas, according to KPRC.

Police told KPRC least one person has been detained, but they have not said if that person is a suspected shooter. Another is on the loose.


KTRK reports the shooting took place near the campus library. A television helicopter showed medical crews tending to at least two victims, but there is no confirmation on the victims’ conditions.

The campus is being evacuated and locked down. No one is allowed the enter the campus. More updates shortly.



  • President Ward


  • President Ward

    People just not giving a f*ck. I’m sorry…smh

  • onthegrind

    As far as the gun debates go, If gun owners claim they are so responsible, they should be securing their firearms in a better fashion where the derranged family member cant get to them. There also needs to be swifter justice and harder punishment, why is the guy in Co., still awaiting trial?

    • NaledgeState

      @onthegrind Due process…It is what it is.

  • BzB

    we may be focusing on the wrong thing.  regulation has little impact because the guns are already out there.  self control and accountability need more attention.  
    do you really need to kill someone over an argument?  most people in jail for murder or gun related assault wish they would have thought twice before they pulled that trigger.  it’s not worth it to be locked up forever or most your life over a stupid argument or because you lost your temper.  no self control plus guns is a disaster.  just like giving a shopaholic more credit.
    gun owners also need to be more accountable for making sure their guns don’t get into the wrong hands, like mentally unstable people and the young.  they don’t know how to reason or deal with emotions.
    2013 gonna be a rough year…

    • MoorFedayeen

      @BzB I agree on it all B. Chi Ali was on Dj Drama’s radio last night spittin real stuff about how he wish he would of thought things out before catching a body and doing 12 years. Nobody learns until they between and rick and hard place stuck. That’s life and we can’t worry ourselves with it. Just watch over you and yours.
      2013 is gonna be a very scary year. I aint never been this worried about the times even the whole time Bush was in. We’ll see.

      • BzB

        @MoorFedayeen we’re mostly eye to eye on this.  
        however, i do believe things started getting worse when bush was in office.  political divisiveness reached an all time high when he was in office and just got worse.  it led to common people hating each other over political affiliation and continued to get worse when obama was elected.  it just added a racial angle to the divisiveness that added another layer of hate.  it’s all compounding itself.

        • NaledgeState

          @BzB @MoorFedayeen Its troubling to see the most evolved beings on this planet, specifically from an intellectual stanpoint, also carry the seeds of it’s own destruction.

        • BzB

          @NaledgeState  very true.   knowledge and intellectual capacity doesn’t automatically = character, morals and principles.  humans are at the same time one the most creative and destructive forces on the planet.. it’s a crazy paradox.

  • MoorFedayeen

    If this was random which it wasn’t we’re all guessing a sheep dog or armed citizen could of and should took this guy out but schools around America are “gun free zones”. Many ppl call them killing zones because law abiding folk are the ONLY ones that follow the rules.

  • 1luv

    Yep this makes me want to carry my sidearm all the time. A new way to start off a crazy new year.