For those who watched that corny MTV reality show “From G’s to Gents” you will remember Creepa.  According to law enforcement, Creepa  real name Thaddeus Chaylon Martin provided counterfeit U.S. bills to a female associate and had her buy a $145 cell phone at a SuperWalmart in Gainsville.

Once the woman bought the phone, Creepa allegedly took it to a different Wallmart and returned the phone for legitimate bills.

It’s unclear how authorities uncovered the alleged scheme, but when investigators spoke with the woman who purchased the phone she told cops she had no idea the money was bogus.

According to the report, the woman “became extremely irate with [Creepa] to the point of having to be restrained by [police] to keep her from physically attacking [Creepa].”

Creepa was charged with multiple counts of fraud and was hauled to Alachua County Jail — where he was booked and posed for an angry mug shot. He has since been released after posting $10k bond with REAL money.

Pretty shocking allegations for a man who won $100k in 2008 by proving to Fonzworth Bentley that he was ready to become a “True Gentleman.”.  He probably ran through that money like a lotto winner and was trying to maintain a lifestyle and image he couldn’t afford by any means necessary.

  • queso BP.1

    Nicca name Thaddeus SMH..yea i watched it i cant front LOL..Son was the one who aint never wanna take off his “Stunna” shades..@HAHZ u know he ran through that money like crazy after taxes he prob aint even have that much!

  • smh

    Why didn’t he invest that money into a small business? such ashame

    • Mister Mister

      Fools and they money soon part….

  • MoorFedayeen

    Hell yeah he spent it like he had more on the way. He didn’t print it though. Prob bought it at a cheaper price in bulk like an 8-ball and broke it down for a profit.

  • desolation

    a creep named creepa. that is all.

  • Pceezy

    Cats ran thru more way faster…. It ain’t that hard,,,,

  • mike

    100k aint that much…… niggas acting a 100k is 300mil or some sh1t thats chump change but some of yall are right he should of open up a store or a club