Get used to hearing the name Gizelle The Stallion, the industry is always looking for the up and coming new big booty all stars. Gizelle was spotted rocking Soulja Boy’s chain in a picture floating around the internet now she is all up in Fabolous face Tuesday night at Primal this ain’t a gossip site but you already know..

  • swaggaluchi

    ooo i seen shorty b 4… she got a porn vid out. i got da screen shots holla at me

  • John Smalls

    “She got a ass that’ll swallow up a g-string but up top uhh 2 bee stings!!!!”


    DAMN SON!!

  • Nuttyboy

    Do you Loso, I’d have done the same. sh!t

  • The Payback

    Hell yea she is definitely ON!

  • zone 6

    Dat ass is real right

  • zone 6

    I need more body pics

  • V

    Fab play on playa, perks of being a rapper is endless puss

  • freshie!

    fab had better hit that! its only rite! STREET FAM!

  • I’ve been a fan of her for a long time. THANKS. PEACE!!!

  • Kaye

    She is the one of the three models to name herself the stallion.
    Clearly there is not orinigality in the urban modeling industry.
    First Elke,then Ms.Jade of Flordia now Gizelle this is corny she just one of the bunch models named the Stallion how sad.

  • Kaye

    My fault there are 4 models named the Stallion I left someone out.
    Elke was the 1st,then Ms.Jade,then Cocoa,and now Gizelle like said
    before the other 3 did not might being in a bunch and not unique.
    That is why they named themselves the stallion so sad but true the
    truth hurts.

  • weezyiswayne609

    they alll tough

  • DEN2


  • 901 Gangsta



    i’ll be damned