Ms Laeann Amos DAAMinc (Video)

· February 12, 2012

Miami model Ms Laeann Amos makes her DAAMinc debut directed by Melvin James. Thoughts?

  • Playboy69

    Nice Video!…She looks great them GRAPEFRUIT TITS she got are LETHAL! She consistently hold it down for SEXY DARKSKIN Women

  • trap101

    So I guess the new in thing is to make a semi-erotic video rolling around on some white linen sheets in a hotel room huh?…..that’s like the third one this week. Gotta love video hoes and their attempt at “acting”

    • queso BP.1

      All that flashing was about to give me a seizure…she lookin good from what I could catch though.

      • Hahz


  • jake

    Stop posting video’s of my wife.

  • Red Of teamchocolate

    you already know what it is

  • tone

    She got some big ass tities

    • B Strait 3000

      Hell yeah she do!! I like them big melons too LOL,that flat stomach of hers sets them off right. I’m licking them tits until my tongue is numb LOL!!!

  • TYBO2020


  • TYBO2020


  • http://deleted seattleslim

    her jaw line is srong sa hell though

  • OneSlug Management

    Idk ya’ll she kinda look like Rajon Rondo with lipstick on to me.But each his own.

    • B Strait 3000

      Rondo??? Man that’s cold lol

      • OneSlug Management

        Not trying to diss her fam..I guess I’m just not seeing what you fellas are

  • BigRob

    A mouthful. DAMN

  • Lisa Marie

    eww what a ugly tranney. gross!

    • Hahz


      • 850

        @lisa Marie u better be a woman. U think this woman looks like a man? U need your eyes checked. Laeanne Amos is a dime. She looks good in my books.

  • Bridgette S


  • TBag

    All the flashing lights i almost went into convulsions

  • TBag

    she is a bit manly in the face. It would be hard to believe if she was a tranny,.

  • BigBlackDude

    She has her days but I’m in it and I’m leaving my mark on those tits!

  • Cold and Hot

    Nice body on her.

  • wobeli

    She’s definitely bangin, nice curves, pretty