The MRI exam of Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III’s right knee suggested that Griffin has suffered partial tears of his anterior cruciate and lateral collateral ligaments, according to several people with knowledge of the test results.

Redskins Coach Mike Shanahan said Griffin is scheduled to be examined Tuesday in Pensacola, Fla., by orthopedic surgeon James Andrews to determine whether the test results show new or previous injuries.

It was not immediately clear whether surgery would be required or how long Griffin would be sidelined if the partial ligament tears are determined to be fresh injuries. Griffin suffered a torn ACL in the same knee in 2009 while he was in college at Baylor, and has been playing in recent weeks with a mild sprain of the LCL.

One person with knowledge of the situation said Griffin might have to undergo exploratory surgery to determine the extent of the damage and whether the injuries are new. Another said Griffin hopes to avoid full-blown reconstructive surgery if the tears are partial, even if they are new injuries according to Washington Post.

A third person familiar with the case, asked whether the ligament damage is new or a matter of previous injuries showing up on Griffin’s MRI, said: “That’s what we’re trying to find out.”

Shanahan said at his news conference Monday at Redskins Park that he didn’t know the extent of the damage to Griffin’s knee or how long it will take the quarterback, who just completed his rookie season, to recover. Shanahan said it was unclear whether Griffin will play in the Pro Bowl, to which he was elected, or be ready to participate in the team’s offseason workouts and practices.

Griffin underwent an MRI exam after his knee buckled in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s 24-14 playoff loss to the Seattle Seahawks at FedEx Field and he left the field for good. Shanahan said the results of that exam are open to interpretation because of Griffin’s previous injuries.

  • That’s unfortunate for young homie. He gon get on the Adrian Peterson program & come back strong

    • BzB

      hope he comes back, but adrian peterson is a freak of nature and never had a bad injury before. rg3 already tore up the same knee once. he needs to take his time more like derrick rose. i feel for the brother though. amazing rookie season.

  • crabapples

    shanahan didnt know the extent of the damage, and didn’t give a fuk. he was trying to get to the superbowl on RG’s back and collect his bonus.

    and RG should know the difference between a sore knee and torn ligaments, especially since he had a torn ACL before. see you in 2015 son.

    • jamar

      you hit it rite on the head…he had no business jeopordizing his future on one game…if hes healthy,their will be plenty of playoffs.

    • @crab I feel what u sayin bro…any skill player with a brace that big on their leg should be sittin dey azz on the bench he was a Rookie (with previous knee injury)…..but he did ride terrell davis hard the same way in denver, I remember davis said he played with a few concussions for shanahan.

  • MoorFedayeen


  • DCAssLuva

    if this true he out for next season 2 CL’S

    shanahan and griffin are stubborn as fuck so its both of they faults griffin arrogrant as hell u should here his interviews

    • too_funny

      @DC …. honestly his season was over when he first hurt his knee, he shouldnt have played the last 3 regular season games.

      I cant knock RGIII thou…he caught that DC FEVER, the biggest show in town and he’s the star.

      and FVCK the COWgirls!!!!!!!

      • Reverend Sanford

        Glad he tore his knee up and the only things uglier than the Skins jerseys are Griffin and his girlfriend’s face!

    • BzB

      i blame shanahan way more than rg3. coaches and medical staff are there to protect the franchise investment. shanahan he didn’t consult the medical staff after the first time dude got injured and sent him back out there. should have yanked him in the second quarter of the last game when dude was clearly limping and playing on one leg. competitors like rg3 will try to play until their leg falls off if you let them.

      • too_funny

        and your right @BzB

        The presssure is on and Shanahan is feeling the heat to produce.

        If RGIII doesnt smartin up, put on some more weight, slide, run out of bounce and throw the ball away he will last more than 5 yrs.

        • jamar

          they really mite be desperate to get as many superbowls as DALLAS.

        • True shanahan shouldn’t have sent him out there but, at some point RG3 needs to be more honest with the team and with himself about how hurt he really is.

  • Juice

    Bama 0r ND?

  • F.B.I. (female body inspector)

    My nicca! Hope it is only a minor tear. He is our hope!

  • JOE

    he should have gotten taken out when he was trying to run and clearly limping as he ran the ball to the sideline. i mean, dude fell just trying to kneel down for the ball. he didn’t get hit or nothing. Now you know his knee is jacked up when he didn’t even get hit. I feel if they had put cousins in there they would had a better chance to keep seattle from gaining that momentum-might have even won. But too little, too late. BEST WISHES FOR RGIII.