Mowett Ryder 50 Inch Donk (Pics + Video)

· August 30, 2009



Mowett Ryder and all of her tape measured 50 inch donk pictures and videos. I personally would pass on her some of y’all might feel different about it. I don’t know how far some sista’s are going to go to have the phatest ass in the world but best believe after the 1st ass injection explosion there will be a lot of women draining that sh*t out there bu**’s.

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  1. Pulse says:

    she lied on camera that ass is faux

  2. Ice says:

    “Body of a goddess face from hell……” -Kurupt

  3. Guru51 says:


  4. Greg says:

    Her body is kinda tight and the T&A are out of this world, but something about her rubs me the wrong way. She might be a bit too old to be on that attention whore/urban modeling shit. I’m not saying… I’m just saying.

  5. hodge says:

    Not so sure that ass is fake she got some size on her. Since the injections jumped off we assume all crazy asses r fake but there r sum extremely blessed sistas out there

  6. Alf says:

    this b*tch can barely talk “wackum to ma house”

  7. pittsburgh151 says:


  8. nupedingo says:

    Wonk wonk…. Where the hell is Lastarya!

  9. Mike says:

    Fake booty or not if I got the opportunity to smash I’d definitely do it.

  10. The Payback says:

    Ummmmmm next!!

  11. Rome says:

    Who’s Grandmother is this? Just because she got a nice ass don’t make her hot. Those big ass lips ain’t even sexy. Fellas keep your standards up or all we’ll have is chicks like this.

  12. BIG JIM says:

    Drop and give me 50!

  13. Reezy says:

    When Jamie Foxx was talkin about sea donkeys in booty call he was talkin about her. PAAAASSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. jon jon says:

    she can barely speak english! LMAO and she is so un cute …now dont get me wrong I’d knock her off but she’s nothing ‘d sport around town….no sir!

  15. Reezy says:

    Man one minute she is a Gangsta peach and then she transforms into a Valley girl. what the hell?!

  16. Tdeezy says:

    Shorty is hideous :-( but after a fifth of henn dog I’ll give it a go……………

  17. CCGroovy says:

    The issue is PROPORTION. That is a Natural A$$.

  18. Scog81 says:

    I Knock her BIG THICK ASS OFF! she probably a big freak in the bed. she looks open to anything. I would give her a GOOD PAINTING!!! LOL

  19. tommiedc says:

    I think the ass is real but I agree with the face not being there

  20. derlthedon says:

    chick look like a 44 year old tranny by the face….i’d have to know if she was born a woman b4 i got anywhere near her/him….

  21. Jaypream says:

    She a lil too rough for me in the face and attitude. I don’t care how phat ya ass is. You gotta be feminine, and shawty is just too hard.

  22. laker1 says:

    If I had to wake up to that, I’ll end it all!

  23. JAY says:


  24. ziphx says:

    love dat phat ass. hope she goes nude soon

  25. The Man says:

    she’s a big girl….50″ is BBW territory not a booty model. notice how she says “daddy” a lot…as if she’s talking to “sugar or pimp daddies”.

    smart girl on her grind.

  26. DP says:

    If another one of yall mafuckas say u wouldnt fuck gotta b Gotta b a fag….u niggas mean to tell me if that broad spread her legs n front of u and say fuck me non of yall niggas will stick ya dick n her……FUCK OUTTA HERE…STOP FRONTIN

  27. casey says:

    give the lady her credit, she is doing her own thing. she aint kissing nobodys ass for nothing.and real talk yo if ur a man and would’nt hit that you must be IN THE DAMN CLOSET.yo Mowett keep ur paper flowing these ppl just hatein on you.

  28. Mo says:

    right dez niggas trippin talkin bout they wouldnt hit that

    how she too strong fa yall? she got dem dick suckin lips.. big ass titties fat ass and some tattoos and niggas get scared

    id beat that pussy jus like im sposed to

  29. Benny from Wash Heights says:

    Well its like this…She sounds dumb & looks like a man! She has a very nice large ass & that’s about it! Fact of the matter: I would let her blow on the snake with the mushroom head anytime! Who cares if she use 2 have beans & a frank?

  30. DEN2 says:


  31. weezyiswayne609 says:

    thats just not my cup of tea.

  32. 901 Gangsta says:

    hell naw

  33. Freeway Amazon says:


    To all the boyz: Your probably threatened by this Woman’s appearance so thus the negative comments about her beauty. To me all women black,white,mexican etc are beautiful and worthy of respect no matter what choices bad and good they make…She chooses to be a hustler and grind to take care of herself and not depend on the help of strangers and welfare kudos to her…much respect to her…But to a boy I can see how she may be a little intimidating(especially if ya broke lmao)…

    To all the Men; Thanks for having something decent to say about a woman doing her own thing and not being threatened by it…

    Nuff Said…

    I stand Interdependently(dont know what that means do some research) doing my on thing celebrating my sisters who have chosen to do the same thing……

  34. Ty Boogie says:

    she definitely aint a dime but that body is damn sure beautiful, i agree with some of the others on the fact that sh1t was spitting and talking like a straight hood bitch then she somehow turned into a valley girl, that shit is weak to me, makes her seem like shes frontin

  35. bighomie53 says:


  36. paul says:

    Smashing that big ass!

  37. james says:

    If that ass is real (i think it is) thenn boy is she lucky. That booty is crazy

  38. CJ says:


  39. Kashif brown says:

    I dnt hate I con grad. Do yo thang mommy I love that p.h.a.t sh1t

  40. demi says:

    she has had a lot of work done tummy tuck,lipo,boobs,her ass may be real because it belongs to the fat girl she was before the work thus she keeps her big ass and lose’s the mid section kinda smart but all in all her face fucked it all up :?(

  41. demi says:

    p.s if you look at the pic in the hat you can see scares from her tummy tuck hiding under her tatt’s

  42. yoyoyo says:

    only looks good from the back

  43. yoyoyo says:

    id hit that ——– so f*cking hard

  44. Name says:

    She is the ultimate fantasy I would love for her to share my virginity with.

  45. V.Nova says:

    Stop all da hating….da boo is a modern day hottentott …mine…mine …mine….come to england boo.

  46. j supreme says:

    they are crazy . i’d ride her like roy rogers rode trigger and trigger jr.

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