Everyone has vices, including Yasin aka Mos Def. Listen to Tariq Nasheed talk about you captain save a ho dudes out their wifying up skanks.

  • GTA

    funny af but sad…

  • Greg4422

    Damn this punk ass nigga Tariq Nasheed player hating like a mofo…nigga STFU

    • Murder

      Naw f**k that some of these n****s need a class in this it seems like wifing the h0es is a new trend

      • Greg4422

        It’s funny to me how women become hoes all by themselves…but men never become hoes. Men that are promiscuous are seen as just being a man, but a woman doing the “exact” same thing is a hoe? If we judged men on their past, the way we do women, a lot of ya’ll dudes would be hoes and skanks too. I know society made up these rules, but come on….lets be fair here.

        I “try” not to judge a woman based on her past, I want to know what’s she’s doing with her life right now, and if she’s well tempered (very important to me), because I’m difficult to get along with.

        FYI and if we hold to this women are skanks theory..a lot of our mothers, sisters, aunts and nieces would no doubt fall in that category. IJS

        • Murder

          You right some of them are hoes hold em accountable promiscuous women have never been accepted in society and never will double standards do exist just like your not suppose to hit a woman under any circumstance and your method of not judging is gonna land you a reformed hoe personally I’m looking at your past who you were raised by and how do they carry themselves

          • MoorDetroitRed

            Nothing is 50/50, fair with men & woman and all a woman has is her reputation like it or not @Greg. Tiger Woods, Jordan and plenty others forked over big bread to woman after divorces. But how often do woman get raped in court? If woman want things equal we can start by stopping sh1t like that right now!

            Being a lady has its perks and so does being a hoe. Its on her to decide….but she damn sure can’t have it both ways.

        • Greg4422

          @Moor lol, nothing wrong with a reformed hoe…personally I like my woman with a little experience in the bedroom…but what I’m saying basically is a woman has help becoming a hoe…by men. Now don’t get me wrong…some of them can go too far, the point of no return…but worrying about a womans past serves no legitimate purpose…people change..all that matters is…is she a good fit for you and the point you are in your life.

          • MoorDetroitRed

            Bro I want a seasoned woman too but experience doesn’t mean hoe by any means. Hoes ain’t hard to spot so I won’t elaborate.

  • queso (The Corp)

    Hey hos/strippers wanna be married too…somebody gotta do it lol

    • 1luv

      That up for the Super Save A Ho men.

  • Cakes(what we doin’)

    Lol that vid is 23mins…if he did its his money *shrugs*

  • MoorDetroitRed

    Smh. Nigga rich, famous but still simpin. I’m disappointed in Mos cause he’s intelligent. And Reuben look like a born simp so nobody surprised but Mos Def, damn.

    I wouldn’t hire anyone w/o getting a background check so why not background check ya wife? This nigga payed 4 mill for the pussi. Married for only 3 months-that’s more then a mill a month she made!!!! Why is that even possible.

    Lol that n1gga started scatting at the end.

  • 1luv

    Women can be the #1 downfall for men. That’s a fact!

  • desolation

    oh well, I aint surprised. A lot of dudes who shouldn’t be simpin are the biggest ones. # irony is some crazy stuff

    @ greg: women choose men not the other way around. Therefore, if a lot women wanna have sex w/ a dude, its just that he’s popular. on the flipside, a chick who get it in w/ a lot of dudes is a slut cause she obviously don’t value her body. only way you can call another man a hoe is if he’s a prostitute.

    • Greg4422

      clearly this is a double standard created by society…I get that, and said as much above…but I’m not talking about what society thinks I’m talking about parity, are these two things the same?…a man sleeps with 20 women…and a woman sleeps with 20 men…whose the whore? They botth are..is the correct answer. So if a man’s past of being whorish is never held against him when he moves on to a new relationship…then why do you guys hold a womans past against her…she could be a great, fun looking person, with a wonderful personality…but you’d never know, because you’d pre-judged her for the same behavior you’re guilty of yourself.

      Now I’m not a fool, I know why men feel this way, and it has more to do with thier egos than any thing else…what would thier friends, or other men say about her behind your back. and I say who cares, she makes you happy.

      • desolation

        1. worrying about double standards is silly. There’s no such thing as equality. You can talk about the right thing to do all you like but you’re just wasting your breath. At the end of the day most ppl are only concerned w/ what’s in it for me. That’s why altruism rarely works out. As opposed to worrying about them over there and what they can do that you cant, it’s best to worry about cold hard facts. The most important ones being what are you doing and how you can be the best you.

        2. no a man sleeping w/ 20 broads isn’t the same a woman who sleeps with 20 men. A man needs the right combo of game, personality, looks, and/or convo to pull women. A women just needs to post a sexually suggestive msg or slutty avatar pic and watch how many offers she gets, even if she’s ugly. Twitter proves the latter to be true.

        3. If a woman decides to still deal with me even if I’ve ran threw (hypothetically) 100 women before I got to her, then that’s her prerogative . It’s up to her to decide if she can deal with that. Similar to how it’s my prerogative to decide that I’m not gonna waste my cash dating a woman with a body count higher than 5. So why should settle on or value a woman who clearly don’t value herself ? Aint no logical reason to do that. It aint egos bruh, its called being smart, especially when you factor in potential stds and other messed up situations that may follow from dealing with that chick ( example: ex boyfriends who cant let go and may harm you outta jealousy)

  • Sadiki

    Mos married her in T dot a couple years back after knowing her for a weekend.How is she a ho?Just because she looks good and was probably in a few videos.She is not no video vixen.Because he is a muslim said he is allowed to have more than one wife and he married her and has other wives as well.I think he was dead wrong to do that.She wanted to get out of the marriage but he was still trying to handcuff her.So he had to pay for the whole thing to be done with.he didn’t treat her right at all.Peace!

  • Jamez

    on a side note….F*ck tariq! he is THE definition of a sellout!!. ALL his videos talk about back women aka you spend yo time all day talking down about YOUR sistas/momma/cousin/daughter and for what???