Sultry Simone is Wednesday’s Morning thickness. There is no debate about it that Sultry is thicker then a bowl of grits.

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  • samanosuke

    Hoooo DOGGY!!!!

  • Master_X

    This is not Sultry Simone Hahz change it

  • zlon

    just viewed some pics on sultry. name indeed fits the girl. a dyme!


    Hahz this Dela Monet

  • Chicago “Blue” Green

    You need your coffee this morning bruh… This the same chick from dyme of day pics.

  • Tojohn

    ayo hahz this is the girl from the last post

  • Dee

    what up bruh whr she at, i seen her youtube video clapping that thang, and been waiting on her to show some typr of pics and you straight teased us dog!!!! lol

    • Tojohn


  • Yeah this aint Sultry Simone. Sultry got a better body.

  • Jimbo

    Mann this DelaMonet… I know her from anywhere i use to do her back in the days. The p***y wack too.

    • You gotta come with more info then that to make us believe you.

      • Tojohn

        @Hahz scroll up and look at the pictures LOL

  • mobreeze

    been waitin for dese pics all day….it was worth it she has my vote

    • Forty and Fly guy

      You kno it! I would love 2 “sack” her!

  • T-Fleezee


  • Master_X

    That 4th pic is CRAZY! DAMN SHE THICK!

  • Kenny