Monday’s morning thickness put down the coffee So se*y Solei is your wake up.

  • kevon

    looks sexy

  • MICHAEL816

    grown and sexy brickhouse

    • Forty and Fly guy

      Yea, she is. But, fellas, I am seeing those titties sag a bit.

  • T-JOE

    She Been Missing 4 a Min, nice comeback. CHHEEAAHH!

  • Mosqino

    Dayam!! That’s a juicy onion right dere!! Makin a grown man cry.

  • Pure chocolate-skinned thickness…not bad at all. PEACE!!!

  • flow

    Shame she is so ugly her body is one of a kind

  • ATLaggiN


  • UmBrook

    Excellent pictures. I can see the pimples on her ass in one of those shots.

    • MrWalStreet

      Those Aren’t pimples mane…goosebumps



  • WHOD

    not feeling her at all….

  • Deez

    Got to keep it real. She fell way off, I’m not feeling at all. If these chicks gonna be in the game and compete with these younger hoes coming out, they got to put down drinking Mo-Mo or Cris at 2 and 3 am in the morning, fat burgers, smoking blunts, and waking up at 1 pm the nect day; because that shit shows up in the face or ass much sooner than later

    • me

      wow, it’s fascinating how people can look at the same thing and have two totally different perspectives. cause i dont see what you’re saying at all. i’d like to understand your pov tho, so why do you say smokin blunts, eating burgers and shit has shown up on her face and ass?

    • Tojohn

      @Deez shut the fuck up u nigga…And stop cryin LIl nigga always gotta give your gay ass opinion..NOw She look goood as hell to me cause i love chocolate women….

      • I agree with Deez – I scouted her two years ago, and just like so many others they get caught up in an easy life and it quickly shows in the face/body. Not to say she is not an attractive woman, but if your appearance is your profession, it needs to stay ‘top-shelf’. For instance, look at older pics – in comparison; the ab def. is completely gone, ass does not stand up nearly as much as before, breasts are sagging, facial skin tone needs MUA work where previously it did not. Clearly age plays a role, but not this quickly and not this young. I have models in their 40’s with complexion and muscle tone of a 25 y/o. …just an observation.

  • 4REAL

    Shit I Guess I’m Tripn… Lil Momma Lookn Good To Me Homie!!ALWAYS BEEN THE TRUTH…. 4REAL

  • Cold and hot

    She look good to me stomach toned, arms toned and every thing else thick just right.


    Listening to that Rick Ross tears of joy and watching that ass!

  • T-Fleezee

    Yeah that’s the prototype. Chocolate & thick. I’m really not seeing where niggas saying she fell off.

  • BlackLondoNer

    So Fine! She is a beast! Emotional chick, chick is emotional.

  • drestackones

    Man this chick bad!! And I think she got a pretty face. Cats always saying the darkskin chicks is ugly in the face. Black is beautiful. And judging by these pics she got Lastarya beat HANDS DOWN and I seen her in stage dancing sqeezing on the ass and everything

    • Tojohn

      Yah man its always the lonely niggas that cant get no bitches that hate

  • Hotspit

    She is bad! One thing though! What she look like without that wig and make-up! Body is on point but… I don’t know!

  • dscb81

    FAce is alright but that ass is HATEFUL. WEW!!!!!

  • southwest

    We all have our preferences. I think Latarsya is nothing to look at, while this woman is basically my prototypical girl, physically anyway. I’ve never heard of her, I guess I’m late, but she instantly jumped up to my #1 spot as far as vixens go. Lips and legs, goddamnit.

  • Srew that!!! I’m smashing. She’s a Brickhouse!!!!

  • TYBO2020



  • Good to see some new pics of her. She got one of the nicest asses right now and it looks all natural.

  • IceKold

    Solei is by far the MOST slept on chick n the game. Judging by these pics, she’s ALL natural and she’s shitting on a lot these broads.