Morning Thickness PAWG edition

· February 19, 2011

Saturday morning thickness limited PAWG edition. The chances of finding a white girl with a phat ass is probably the same as winning a lottery scratch off ticket. Which pic is your fav?

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  1. Jimmy89 says:

    pass.i hate fake asses.

  2. ice says:

    Pink dress hands down is a winner she has no waist at all.

    i doubt every girl azz in this post is fake. why do people think every chic has butt shots like they on sale at walmart?

  3. G says:

    this post is Kanye west approved

  4. BennyD says:

    #4 she don’t ever have to turn around cause she is perfect from the back.

  5. seanjohn100 says:

    PAWG: black mans kryptonite lol. Ill take chick in the black, coco and the chick beside Jenna Shea

  6. mr.portcity says:

    3 and 9

  7. blogettee says:

    That gif had me cracking the eff up !

  8. B strait up says:

    where the white girls @ lol,i would take pics#4 & 9 all day. Those 2 chicks look like they workout on the regular 2 tone that ass up real nice,strait up! “thepack”

  9. bluasco says:

    #7 and #9

  10. ThatGuy says:

    Well, the snow bunnies aren’t really my thing, but ummm…#5 on the left gets my vote. She is STACKED like “Lego Man” in a pancake-eating contest

  11. Cold and Hot says:

    I do know a lot of white girls getting fatter asses now and the black girls getting the flat no ass, I don’t my dudes maybe times changing lol. Pretty soon sistas gone be a after thought, sike I’m just f*cking around.

  12. Riem25 says:


  13. flagator says:

    give me 1,4,an 9 anytime of the day

  14. BigBlackDude says:

    PAWG’s, my FAVORITE WHITE MEAT! I am smsahing in this order 8,9,7,4,5,6,1,2,3….”we like dem white girls, Christina Aguilera.”

  15. couple of paper bags and sh1t could get physical

    • Cakes says:

      Lol you ain’t lying Coco is the only pretty one the rest are plain Janes and below

      • Cold and Hot says:

        What the hell do yall see in CoCo that hoe look like a chick transitioning into a man with that strong ass jaw line. lol! Ha!

        • MoorFedayeen says:

          Cocos pretty now?????? Now I know I know you don’t what you talkin about and I could never taker yur opinion serious on anything else.

          • ThatGuy says:

            Truth is, nobody really knows what she looks like; she really cakes that makeup on. But she does have this “I’m a freak, anything goes” attitude about her. And whether or not you find her attractive, you have to agree that’s very appealing.

          • Cakes says:

            Moor get off my s* ok ya’ll starting to get on my nerves majority of the girls I say are pretty will trump the girls that you favor ok let’s list them Beyonce, Rosa Acosta, KD Aubert, Tae Heckard compared to Lastarya,Bria Myles and Jazzie Belle,and Solei get the f* out of here!!! I have taste you guys have d* so your eyes hardly ever rise above the chest area…lol

          • Cold and Hot says:

            Lmao damn my dude speaking the truth. For real yall niggas stop arguing with these hoes that come on here. Maybe they dikes.

          • Cakes says:

            @Cold and Hot you better thank your lucky stars that I’m not one because I would purposely take your b* away from you and leave your jokey oakey riti m*skunt crying…lol

          • MoorFedayeen says:

            Cakes, everybody know Solie and LaStarya are two of the same-buttaheads but you off yo rocker if you really believe Bria is anywhere near ugly and Rosa got a pretty face with a nice accent. I’ll give you that but Coco is washed up-fact. Nothing you can say about that.

          • Cakes says:

            @Moor didn’t mean to go on like that but Cold and Hot said some dumb s* on the club pics post(had to set his wack a* and I’m listening to some old Dipset songs and their music will have me vacuuming or washing the dishes with a mean mug on so it’s all luv lol

          • Cakes says:

            See how lames like to get when they get put in their place? You’re the one who started being nasty first of all calling people lame hoes and stuff, and who said this was a men only site sounds like you’re on the funny side…lol YOU GET OVER YOURSELF… picking on a girl only weak a* b* do that sounds like you’re the p*…lol I’m a Leo honey so I would just drop it if i were you

        • Cakes says:

          my bad i meant on the morning thickness jazzie belle post not the club pic post, not that it’s important but I just wanted to correct that

          • Cold and Hot says:

            I’m suppose to be spooked by some faceless broad on a forum commenting on females when she should masturbating to a trey Songz video or something. Yall chicks kill me can come tell a man what he needs to do or like but then yall do the same thing and it’s all good that’s some dudes get fed up with chicks like yall. Why you in a section for men anyway like I said unless your ass is diking. You can come post yo dumb ass rants and expect folks to respect it you need to do the same damn thing girl, calm yo ass down go get some dick or something cause it’s obvious you ain’t got shit else to do but rag on other women insecure ass. You can blow steam and type until your fingers fall off and it won’t bother me. At the end of the day yo opinion is yours and mine is mine everybody else is theirs get ova yoself.

          • Cold and Hot says:

            Put in my place? Really, hey chick whatever makes you sleep better at night you the one over here looking at a bunch of females pictures and getting dirty mouthed with people about it. You talking about us having some standards but yo ass posted a comment talking about Baby from Cashmoney is sexy to you then got the nerve to complain about the women some of us like, chick raise yo standards. Like I said you just a insecure broad that probably like looking at her words on the screen because hell somebody got to pay attention to you huh? Hypocrite women like you make me laugh, go get some self esteem. You need to be able to take what you dish out and not complain about it when someone do it to you. I don’t come here to make buddies or friends with random strangers I come here to look at girls if that’s a crime lock me the fuck up like I said type to ya hands fall off I’m done with you.

          • Cakes says:

            *sighs* @Cold and Hot didn’t I tell you to let it go it seems like YOU’RE the one who wants attention…I don’t have a problem with people giving they’re opinions and if someone quetions another person’s choices i don’t see a problem with that either it’s interesting to hear different points of views and see ppl defend their choices okay….it’s not that serious but you got all personal with me so I just gave it back to you don’t get all butt hurt about it…lol and yeah Baby is sexy to me how does that equal low self esteem you are WACK i mean look at your user name Cold and Hot lol you are a joke this internet battle is a

  16. Manofthehour says:

    I will super smash…

  17. Moula says:

    Mashin all these phat ass white girls, What?!

  18. gphi says:

    Pic#1…I like the pose. PEACE!!!

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