Morning Mornings thickness Jenny is back like she never left Atlnightspots. I am sure you remember her body,he clothes are screaming upgrade me and you might wife me. What do you think of her?

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  • crlymrfy

    Photo shop!!!!!! Check out the waist line. Tell-tell picture distortion common when using programs to manipulate the photo. (Widened hips) If it looks abnormal it usually is. Unless you are talking about Buffie or Lastarya. Those two honey’s are the real deal…..

    • Kaliq Fontaine

      ATTENTION B-NIGAS MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE… Yes you are correct with the photoshop adjustments on A FEW of these, but the adjustments are soooo minor it doesn’t really make that much of a difference. She STILL got a bangin body. AND you know would fuck if given the chance. Unless your gay. So anyway I broke a few of the pics down (for anyone that really gives half a sht lol) Here is the breakdown: 1-Photoshopped (Notice how the door “bends” in slightly where her hand touches her hip..), 2-NOT photoshopped (Notice the continuity at the floor heating vent and her behind..)3-Definitely photoshopped (Clearly the door is bending at her hip area… So on and so forth. But here is my issue. Why are we worrying about photoshop or who’s ass is bigger in general? Seriously that’s a female trait. Is she hittable, dateable and most importantly, are the pictures masturbation material? If the answer is yes then fam THAT IS THE END OF THE DISCUSSION!! Like Katt Willams said, is a dude not gonna hit a chick because she got on a plum bra on and brown panties? Homo. Or stretch marks – Either you was fat and got skinny or you was skinny and you got fat EITHER WAY I’M HITTING IT! If not – HOMO. In conclusion – Is this material deemed as sexy? Yes. Are the photoshop pics REEEEAllY THAT BAD? Hell no. We are worried about the wrong thing here. This is not a competition or photography class lol. The object here is to look at her pics, say “damn shorty thick” (and yes regardless of the photoshop, SHE IS THICK, and cute too) then go do something nasty to yourself or keep it movin.. Nuff said. Sorry to hate on all you PHOTOSHOP EXPERTS that have to go around super analyzing shit.. LMAO – Next set please!!!

  • Martin

    looks legit – I’ve dated a colombian with those hips – just sayin

  • AJ

    I agree with crlymrfy. It’s so photoshop!.

    I’m photo and video editor.

  • ching pow

    yep. her pix phone is pointed down

  • LOL

    Look at the 1st, 3rd, and last pictures right at her hips the door is curved out slightly. SO frickin’ obvious LOL fake as hell… -___-

  • Pat

    That’s not even here. I know the real woman. Her name is Yonja. No it’s not PS either. Pics are stolen

  • Kaliq Fontaine

    Oh yeah by the way Buffy and Lastarya got ass but they are far from the full package my friend. Again this is NOT a competition but they are all ass with barely a face; You want bad? Jessica a.k.a MISS RABBIT is still crushin these chicks AS A WHOLE. Beautiful in the face (with them sexy green eyes..) and thick below the waist. MMM-MMM good.. And one other thing – the purpose of pics like these on this page are for the AMATEUR booty lover. I personally would take an amateur pic over a professional chick like Buffy or Lastarya any day.. Like this is the chick that you might catch in the grocery store or see at the library. MUCH sexier and MUCH purer… 😉

  • dark

    photoshop or not shes sooooooooooooo hot