Morning Thickness : Nya Lee

· August 23, 2010

It’s only right we start the week right with a bowl of morning thickness. I think Nya looked better with long hair but that wouldn’t stop me from smashing. Are you feeling Nya?

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  1. Mr_awesome says:

    What is she famous from? I’ve sen her before.

    • Forty and Fly guy says:

      I wouldn’t say all that seanpain. However, she is nothing special. Rank her a 7.

      • MoorFedayeen says:

        Yeah those pics give her face way more credit then she deserves. That video tells the whole tale. Face is f*cked and her body is a 7. Who wouldn’t hit though?

  2. MisterMidas says:

    She got a nice ass body…but Im SICK TO DEATH OF THIS BALHEADED B1TCH SHIT!!! Damn Amber Rose f*cked it up for n1ggas, now every b1tch think they fly with a bald head n sh1t. If me and my chick going to the same barber, that sh1t aint gone work. Plus, she looked wwwwwwaaaayyyy better with hair anyway. She damn near look like a n1gga in the face as is and that f*ckin hair make it even worse. Damn I hate that bald headed b1tch trend, hope that sh1t ends soon, sh1t is KILLIN me!

    • jfizzle says:

      The body is bangin, but I can’t be with a chick who is using my Sportin Waves, and my Doo Rag before we got out.

  3. says:


  4. zlon says:

    Agree wit mr. midas. stop tryin to look like grace jones. i cant do a girl who’s hair is shorter than mines.

  5. gphi says:

    She’s tight. PEACE!!!

  6. mr.portcity says:

    Only a few can pull that look off…if ur girl cum home and she has unexpectedly cut off all her hair u better start asking many chics have both man and a woman to get ahead..her home girl maybe her side thing and u don’t even know it

  7. prime706 says:

    body is nice face needs work.

  8. denzel sausagetion says:

    how u want to be an actress and you got videos on worldstarhiphop ……..b1tch drink acid

  9. HEAVY says:


  10. still118 says:


  11. rell says:

    from the neck down she is nice. and the haircut makes her look even worst because she has a mannish structured face.

    im sorry i cant be with a chick that has a sharper outline haircut than me!!

  12. Tojohn says:

    im i the only one that not feelin her?

  13. Tojohn says:

    look at the 4th pic man horrible

  14. arianna says:

    My God who is this? Lovely sight to wake up to :)

  15. Rasheed says:


  16. trap101 says:

    all these birds tryin’ to pull off the soggy tennis ball look

  17. Cold and hot says:

    Amber Rose rockin the low cut and she considered a dime to most dudes so I don’t see nothing wrong with this chick doing it. Obviously she not that ugly if folks sayin she look better with longer hair, a hair do don’t change shit. Anyway she got a nice body, I’ll hit.

  18. melloluver says:

    The first pic was all I needed, but the rest didn’t hurt…Wouldn’t wife, but she can be on the team.

  19. maddox says:

    the body is bangable but the hair do is out of sync, a brotha just aint feelin too many women wit the low cut hair dos. A nigg might be drunk one night and forget girl has a low cut and be thinkin somebody tryin to come up in the crib and mess around and hurt shorty.

  20. KEISHA says:


  21. mrtre says:

    is it just me or when she is sitting down on that red couch she looks ALOT like a man with that defined chin and hard face….video made me real uncomfortable…….

  22. Dig says:

    She is au natural from head to toe. I work with her and she is better looking in person and has a wonderful smile. She’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but I think in the long run she will be fine.

  23. Nyaherself says:

    thanx haters I’m so happy y’all here hat in behind these lil screen names if u wanna see more of the girl u hate here is my Twitter name@realnyalee than hater hoes

  24. Idris Ali says:

    If only more black women saw the beauty and sexiness of having short (extremely short) hair instead of believing that long, straight is the only form of beauty. Way to go Nya Lee.

  25. Dee says:

    sigh Whores r funny. like this is really going to take her to the next level.

  26. Steph says:

    Do what you do lil cuz and let the haters hate, cause that’s what they do….I guess we all have a job.

  27. dee says:

    she look like a man!

  28. umm says:

    first of all to the men that comment on this picture u guys r like lil boy grow the fuck up if a woman want to cut her hair let her do it wa the fuck ayo ass own us??????? u should care about the hair once it looks good and that specail ladie is sexy with it u should love her no matter what!!!! u guyz r loser!!!that can get a good chick

  29. umm says:

    that cant get chicks i meant

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