A side of Novoa Good to go with your breakfast this morning. She isn’t the best dancer but when your built like that who is going to complain. Are you feeling this video?

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  • KMG

    Looks like she’s wearing a post surgery healing garment in the beginning of the video..anyway she looks good.

  • Forty and Fly guy

    Damn rite I am feeling it. Not that it matters too much but I am curious as to what the face looks like. I mean with a body like that I would paper bag it if I had to but I do wonder if she is cute, or not.

  • Chicago “Blue” Green

    Man that a$$ shaking was aiight to me…. Kill all that dancing, as long as you know how to bounce that azz is all that matters right? Cuz once they get that good D in em all that dancing changes real Quick.

    Face down azz up that’s the way we like to F#@!, but I need a face shot, she aint a strobe light honey is she?

  • I wish that she would’ve shown her face…tight clip regardless though. PEACE!!!

  • simpleTOM


  • mr.portcity




  • Cutta

    Body is remarkable. But she’s definitely wounded (butt shots).

  • Real

    Damn, Does everybody get ass shots now??
    Where the naturals at??

  • Dat Nigga Van

    got to be one of the baddest bitches on the net right now

  • MizzMiddleFinger

    Whats is the name of the song playing during the video????

    • blackmanofsteel

      Bill Gates…………off his I”m Not Human EP. I know that shit fye

  • TYBO2020


  • onedeadlyfrenchfry

    WOOP her ass. nah joking. Her face is good just for the record. Muclebutt in da house. lmao.

  • HeRTeL BoY

    God damm this girl is sexy… LET ME HIT??!!