Morning Thickness : Myame

· June 23, 2010

Here is grande size cup of Myame aka Ms. Body ya Thursday morning thickness pictures to check out while eating your breakfast. Mayme had the all white on in the club pictures of the week here. Are you feeling her?

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  • mr.portcity

    The body is on point..very sexy…that blonde look or whatever that color is kinda odd..I’m never that picky but that horse mane just ova take her pics…she is stacked tho

  • Cold and hot

    She’s sexy, I’m digging her indeed. I agree about the hair color though kind of taking away from her.

  • jfizzle

    she kinda look like Nicole Ritchie with about 30 more lbs.

  • King of 412

    The body is bangin. Like said above get rid of the blonde and get some cucumbers and some sleep to get rid of those bags under the eyes.

  • too funny

    Nice body, but wassup up wit her face, she look old in some pics or maybe its just that hair color…..terrible.

  • gphi

    She’s very sexy. PEACE!!!



  • 4REAL


  • williedynamite

    yall niggaz is weird, her hair color is the LAST thing Im looking at! smh

  • laker1

    I wish I could go to Myame this weekend! That thang is so bangin!