Morning Thickness : Mesha Seville

· October 26, 2010

Wednesday’s ANS morning thickness Puerto Rican and black model Mesha Seville shows you what she is working with. You can see more of her at her myspace page HERE. She is available for bookings: What’s your thoughts of Mesha?

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Discussion33 Comments

  1. Forty and Fly guy says:

    I LIKE!

  2. trap101 says:

    could definitely get it.

  3. Cold and hot says:


  4. Poppichuloco says:

    Damn man you keep it coming, I can’t keep up with you. This is what it comes down to.

    Stay thirsty!

  5. Spanishfly says:

    God damn she is bad as hell !!!!!!!!! Rate her a 9. I know not one man on this site will turn down a Exotic lookin woman like this !! If so nigga you aint no shit !!!

  6. B strait up says:

    oh yeah she nice! I bet she got some good “bend ova” on her lol. She still has a myspace page lol

  7. jfizzle says:

    Good find Hahz, this is a new one, we need more of her.

  8. ld4644 says:

    She bad! Quite tasty looking! That nigga Hahz got talent man, how does he keep finding these shorties that look so edible man…..

  9. lonestar_playa says:

    True stallion!

  10. BigNupe says:

    Now this is what you call a Stallion with the real thickness…plus she look like she a freak. Great post!!

  11. t-tyme says:

    wow, real nice right there Hahz, keep ‘em comin’!!!

  12. moorfedayeen says:

    This one of the sexiest woman you’ve ever posted, and that aint easy to be. DAMN, DAMN, DAMN!

  13. MICHAEL816 says:


  14. gphi says:

    She tight. PEACE!!!

  15. ginobli says:

    yeah she a thick something sexy ass

  16. queso says:

    Ill smash ofcourse…she aint on the top of my list but she definitely can get it. Why not!

  17. queso says:

    Ill take that hood lookin donk of the day chick from yesterday over this shorty actually…something about that blond weave and whore ass look she had on her face lol. Mmm mmm mmm

    • jfizzle says:

      Yeah that hood broad did do something 4 me. She remind me of some of the lil hood rats from high school that was down for anything. Damn i’m bout to look at her pics again

  18. tim says:

    She has a nice complexion. Look like she got some height on her too. She also is real tone, ass is not that big. But I would take her.

  19. Juwellz says:

    Ahh what a nice way to start my day.

  20. queso says:

    Jfizzle u feelin me???? Shorty look like she comin over n bringing her girl too..I’m bangin weaves and wigs all nite dunny!!

  21. dabricks says:

    Yo.. she has a nice thickness to her…whats soo funny is the photo shop pic’s take away from her true thickness…

  22. 4REAL says:

    Shawty thick wit it!!

  23. southwest says:

    She cool, but I hate tatoos and photoshop, especially the ones that downgrade a woman’s appearance. Her knees look stupid in them. Always thought the Black-Latina mix was always overrated, too: Most Latinas simply don’t have the flatness of stomach + curvature of thighs and hips that I love from my Sisters, especially Black/ Oriental mixes, which are the most beautiful women in the world besides great-genetic South African Women who look like Queens of Thickness and Ridiculously Beautiful Smiles.

  24. SWAG says:

    Yea I’d put my beef in her taco…lol

  25. datninja says:

    Oh my damn! She is amazing…

  26. stuntmanJAY says:

    #1,3,and#11 are best pics!!!! Ass all greased up!!! Damn Mesha Damn!!!!

  27. BigHRD2 says:

    Mesha got such an round fat ass, puerto rican and black must be
    an good ethnic mix of fat ass.

  28. gostspkr says:

    A real descriptiion of sho’nuff thickness at it’s truest-true form.

  29. Cakes says:

    Something about Mesha i like keep it coming!!

  30. boijuanda says:

    She’s the business, her only flaw – she needs some definition between her thighs and calves. The thickness is good, she just need some definition to them.

  31. Gel Head says:

    Ahhh man pic #3 is best one,imagine coming home and finding this sexy ass girl waiting for you on your bed!!!

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