Video Vixen / Singer Jhonni Blaze from New York who has been featured in popular music videos makes her debut on WSHH. What do you think of her?

  • Forty and Fly guy

    I likes!! lol. The video didn’t load but the pics tell me she is a winner. She’s a little slack up top and the ass could be bigger but those thunder thighs and pretty face, gives her a passing grade.

  • Hellscream

    It’s funny how in the black culture, women have been reduced to an ass. I’m not holier than thou however, I too look at the ass first if I can and then the rest of a woman.

    • too funny


      black women havent been reduced to just ass, well some, but for so long everyone wanted that slim skinny big boob European look and that’s out dated now.

      i dont know about u but i been looking @ ass as long i can remember and ass has always been a requirement for me since i was young.

      Now everyone want a ass like a Black Women.

      • MoorFedayeen

        I think he’s right. “You like a b*tch wit no ass, you aint got sh*t”. I talked about this before and how rap culture is to woman what the mass media is to black males. They both promote an image that just isn’t real. Because of rap she really has little credibility in societies eye, more worse many black males. Anyway it gets deep…but the boy is right. 20 years ago this chick wouldn’t get two looks cause she would be too fat or a list of others. No more beauty, just ass models is what I see. Anyway I’m under the spell too cause I like her.

      • Cold and hot

        She’s niiiiice!

        I agree with Too Funny it took a while for women like this, not just black women but women like this to be found sexy. Even until this day women like this still ain’t what’s in, the lil skinny model chicks still what is shown the most, and what most niggas go after girls like these still don’t get no shine whether they be pretty by most standards or not. But in the past women like Marylin Monroe and represented for the ideal look of women, she wasn’t what most mainstream women look like today and she was white. So a curvy body on a woman was always in, it just that black women, latina women or whatever never got the equal chance because society always played bias towards ethnic women with the same curvy bodies, I mean so a fine ass sista like Ki Toy can’t catch a break but Kim Kardashian and J-Lo shut it down for the women with bodies like that huh? But still today women like this aren’t promoted enough, that’s my opinion though and I like seeing women like this. Ain’t no such thing as perfection face wise anyway most of these women we see painted up by the face don’t look like that when it come off none of em do, I’d take a average cute with a nice body like this any day. It ain’t about being reduced to ass it’s about women like this finally getting some type of recognition instead of being seen as “abnormal” or odd looking like most black women were for their bodies in the past.

  • TYBO2020


  • 4REAL


  • Mr Nice Man

    Sexy… 😉

  • John Smalls

    She’s nice!! But she kinda got that Bad Girls Club Natalie Chin

    • MoorFedayeen

      That’s exactly what I was about to say. In that 4th pic she look like Natalies older, much sexier sister.

  • MICHAEL816

    I LIKE.

  • jfizzle

    Yeah she is a cutie. She look like she could be related to Kapri Styles.

    • jfizzle

      UPDATE!!!! I went to Worldstar to see the video of her and damn!! She got a lot of ass!!! and she knows how to shake it. Check the video

  • mr.portcity

    Nice….I’ve always bn into a curvy chick never into petite but really I just luv women I don’t let too much pass me by

  • Cold and hot

    Now that yall mention her chin is kind of strong but she still a cutie and sexy.



  • cedric L

    OMG. JB to the fullest. She takes the bubble ass to a new level.

  • trap101

    well she could say goodbye to the so called “singing” career cuz she ain’t gonna be taken seriously now. ANybody came to name a successful video hoe that made it the big screen?

  • Like the McDonalds jingle “I’m Loving it”!

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