Morning Thickness : Diana Escotto aka Mizz DR

· March 31, 2010

20yr old Diana Escotto aka Mizz DR is young with a big donk. We are going to have to give Mizz DR & Yami Doll a team name. These two are no Maliah & Cubana combo but they have potential if they hook up with the right management and some one invests in there quality of work. What should we call these two?

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Discussion12 Comments

  1. tino says:

    smh, shawty gon be my girlfriend…

  2. jfizzle says:

    I am not feeling Mizz. DR, she looks like she has live a hard life for 20.

  3. halfmanhalfamazing says:

    yep! yep! she bad all away around!

  4. HEAVY says:


  5. King of 412 says:

    She’s my queen to be…….

  6. T-JOE says:

    She Right & Fukcable, but sum’n aint right about her. I can’t put my finger on it, but she aint got that star power like Bria Myles or Lastarya. But dont get me wrong ill hit dat….

    • MoorFedayeen says:

      You right. Her body aint as tight as Bria’s. First time I saw Bria, it was in Rhymefest’s vid with Kanye. She was hella thick but she had a lot of lumps & cottage cheese. She owe everything to her trainer. This chick could get like Bria with the right trainer and a change of diet.

      Aaliyah>Escotto so she can stop it hahaha

  7. miamiblack30586 says:

    DR is fukcable to me!

  8. melloluver says:

    Yeah, Miss DR aint nothing special but she is fukable. The pic of her licking her lips increased her rating a little, but still just average at the most to me. team name – cubana/maliah wannabes

  9. SLIM G says:

    put ah bag on ha face n we can do sumn

  10. wow says:

    shes not even cute in the face, looks kinda dirty like she stink.

  11. REALIS_TING says:

    im not feeling this chick at all.

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