Morning Thickness : Brooke Babes

· June 8, 2010

Tuesday’s morning thickness Brooke Babes is a Student,bartender and model. Check out the home grown WSHH video directed by Bow Wow below. What do you think of Brooke Babes?

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  1. jimmy n says:


  2. Dubb says:

    What a nice way to wake up. I don’t think I could live without this site lmao

  3. Forty and Fly guy says:

    Now this is the type of young lady I wanna c on this site, not that Kat Stanks.

  4. MoorFedayeen says:

    Damn I saw the vid last night on that trash site but I didnt know this was the same woman. She nice too. Hope those aint ass shots cause I see hella difference in the vid. Either way I’m smashin, whether she like it or not, jk…sort of :)

  5. micale says:

    I wanta make babies with Ms. Babes

  6. Exclusive says:

    Now THAT is one hell of a wake-up call!!!

  7. B937 says:

    Well hell ray ray

  8. Deez says:

    Her name should be “Broke Babe”. Come on brothers, take a look at that picture in the black dress. She is standing in front of a cracked mirror. And, if you look closer you will notice a supposedly expensive bottle of champagne. But if you look even closer you will notice that this bitch is staying in a cheap hotel. Only cheap hotels have a plain white exposed vanity when you first walk in the door. The chick is so low life that none of this bothers her. But us guys will look at this chick and offer to buy her shit she can’t even afford to give her self. If anything she’s alright to hit, that’s it. And, quit falling for the, I’m in school at night to better myself shit. Ask the bitch what date is graduation.

  9. mr.portcity says:

    I come on here to see the pics not find a wife so going by these pics she nice…smashing and tring to wife a chic is two different things..that’s just how I c it tho

    • jfizzle says:

      I’am with you Port. I come on this site for eye candy not future wives. Hey Deez you a cop or something I didn’t see all of that in the pic a 1st. Deez did you see the video.

      • Deez says:

        No cop. Yeah I saw the video. Like I told port, I’m changing the way I look at these chicks. So, look out..

    • Deez says:

      I had a cruise missle moment and this chick was standing in the way. You 100% right man. But you have to admit that whether you looking for something or not, parading these chicks like they’re Vogue models perpetuates their arrogance. But you are right, i will put on a different set of shades in the future. So, look out….

  10. DinkInDC says:

    She has da perfect sized ass!!

  11. Juwelz says:

    Im woke now….Damn

  12. Cold and hot says:

    Damn she bad as hell!

  13. HEAVYHEAVY says:

    another top 10, you on a roll…

  14. AtlBoss says:

    All you guys gotta be careful. Her name is Carmen and she is a well known escort here in the Atl. I know cuz I fucked her back last Sept. She is pricey but a decent lay. I cant believe Bow Wow is paying to hit this chick. She cool but she has a kid too. And yes her ass is fake but who cares…….

  15. melloluver says:

    She bad…Where are the homegrown pics?

  16. El says:

    Almost all women like this date only rappers-why is that?

  17. Southwest says:

    Her ass is real.

  18. bob says:

    I seen this girl in miami for memorial day weekend I tried to talk to her but she played the shhh out of me badly being a b1tch, but I see her vid later on the net and I find out this bitch got naked vids and pics on the net her name is starberry and she is on and she is shaking her ass but naked twat in your face and everything dirty ho

  19. kenny says:

    she is a escort on craigslist i seen her before 100 dollars brooke.

  20. dude says:

    man, that thing is phat phat phaaatttt,, i will die hard on that asss :P
    love ittt

  21. joe says:

    her name Brooke dowdell she is a prostitute name Brooke Bugatti she did her thing on she sucked dude cock for 100 met her a year ago on craiglist. Ass fake but nice. she will def show you a good time. hood rat Starberry bka @sweet_caked. greenville nc loves ya.

  22. H says:

    She has a man been had one for a year now she’s no where near an escort! Yea she did that porn but made him use a condom got paid good for it and signed a contract! She changed her mind at the about doing the porn in the middle of the scene because she really knows she deservs better and the guy was so gross Lol he’s mad she won’t be his girl so he put the porn out for revenge! I know her personally she’s a cool sweet girl and has lots of haters that say stuff (lies)on social sites but never to her face! Lol

  23. Bon says:

    She wasn’t having sex with guys for $ she was robbing them when they came in the room lmao

  24. Bon says:

    She has had a man for the last year now she’s far from an escort the guy that did the porn is mad at her because he wants her to be his girl but she is grossed out by him! She changed her mind about doing that scene in the middle of it because she knows and i know she’s worth way more and deserves way better! I know her personally! People need are jealous of her so they say bad things and lies lol smh via Internet never to her face!

  25. John says:

    My man fuc this hoe all the time he say she suc good dick, He don’t giv her sh*t! She beg him to be her man. She work at Nikki in Charlotte no car, no furniture, pr0stitute trick, she just had a abortion by a wack n*gga. This hoe is vindictive. My man say he wish he never met her. She is a low down bum, that f*ck for shorts. She f*cked the homies. The p0rno on Brooke babes. She got 500 the hoe should have got way mo for her part. @sweet_caked bum ass wack dirty broke no car stripper pr*stitute, she sell that pu**y for the low.

  26. LATIFE says:

    she is not crazy as u think but shes showing what her mum gv her

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