You know we go 7 days a week.. What better way to start off your Saturday morning then watching some thick em’s like you were a kid watching cartoons. If your in the Atl you can see her live at Magic City.Thoughts?

Video –>

  • ginoBrown

    Hahz all I got 2 say is I think its a lil early for Halloween post…only thing attractive about this chick is the a**.

    • jpari

      rotfl !!!!!!!!!!!

      • pimptyght

        Remember how everybody was hooting and hollering when her clothes were off and her mouth was closed? hahhahaha

        • moorfedayeen

          Face is cracked! The epitome of a butta-head. Not only is she ugly as Iraq, her teeth are shot too. Wtf!?!?

          • trap101

            I don’t mean to sound cruel, but the girl looks like Sam Cassell.

        • pimptyght

          That’s why she covered in tats. Low self esteem about her face and grill. Save up 10 g’s baby. It will all go away. We still can f^%ck though, face down, ass up. Same effect. hahahahaha

          • y’all do realize azz shots are a invest for some women’s careers right?

          • pimptyght

            This girl right here BETNAH NOT invest one dollar in butt injections. That “tales from the crypt” grill comes first. If she did, she is a dumbass. Braces and/or a retainer will at least let me know she is trying…lol


      • presto

        this chick shoulda been had some braces!! if i was around her i would throw some invisalines on her azz and “make her owe me” for a while…lmao!…body is handlin biz…and makes her WORTHY..(yall kno uncle prest gonna keep it 100)

    • manofthehour

      the grill and face are jacked….lmao


    Holy shit! it look like somebody shotgun whipped this bitch. fuck a pistol

  • jpari

    she iight nothing special some of these chick are starting to look the same
    the thought solei was bad her grill is something serious lol

    • buddyluv


      • jpari

        i thought* NOT THAT THOUGHT lol

  • Poppichuloco

    You would think this snaggletooth heffa would learn to keep her mouth shut. Some people never learn, damn!

    Stay Thirsty & Work!

    • trap101

      it was all good til that fourth pic came up, but even then all those tats ain’t doin it, whose she think, thinks that she’s fine….?

      • moorfedayeen

        In pic 5 it look like its a fire in her mouth and all her teeth jamming the front to get out. This chick is the worst. I couldnt get a dance from her. The dimes in the club would look at me like “Yuck”.

  • geotech

    Damn did anyone see those teeth

  • mr. leftfoot

    nelly voice “let me see your grill ” pass to #teamchocolate#

    • @leftfoot, #teamchocolate indeed! But damn her azz too big lol,i would smash(backshots) but only if she promised not to turn around lol

      • @hahz,yo king h would you smash secret moneii??

        • away auto reply : yes hahz would smash

  • who’s worried about her mouth??silly niggas

    • moorfedayeen

      Ummm we are! Nigga u must not get out cause I know Damn well I ain’t gotta settle for this. It’s plenty with better or equal bodies and better faces. She can dance though. She just hit. Hahz hit her Twitter and tell her to stop by.

  • Cold and Hot

    Her teeth jacked, somebody else head need to be on her body and then get rid of the tattoos lol. Only thing she got is body.

  • Bahamas

    Damn she the type of girl that when the lights cut on in the club. U like where the girl i was talking to ???

  • Ryu

    Uhm…..Uhm……Uhm…..Imma…….Imma……..Imma…..pass on this one dog grill to jacked can’t do it

  • realtalkldn

    lol as long as she doesnt smile id hit it!

  • NICE BODY!!! but damn that last pic f**ked me up …. for a second I thought those were fake novelty teeth plus u can see her whole career in her face I mean those late nights is making her face hard and aged she has the perfect job cuz its dark but when the closing time lights come on u got decisions to make

  • BlackLondoNer

    Her dancing skills are incredible. My jaw dropped.

  • nardo

    im hittin…..stop wit all da hate yall know yall hittin ,talk about her later……

    • Werd,this turned to a take or hate post. I never heard dudes in a strip club sit around a hate on the women. *orders some shots to losen the crowd*

      • moorfedayeen

        Hahz I never said I wouldn’t. I’m just sayin her body ain’t nearly tight enough to over look that in a strip club full of woman with equal or better bodies.

  • G

    Little bit of a snaggle tooth but fuck it! I’m going in

  • T-Fleezee

    Ain’t nobody talking bout wifeing her! She thick ass fuck!

    • @fleezee,naw son you know you would take her ring shopping lmao!…….the beautyp corp

  • bob

    she look better then the other weak looking magic city strippers , this is an upgrade for magic city which shows how weak the females in magic city are

    • Have you been there before?

  • Fool Me Never

    She has a great body underneath the horrible tats. You would think a stripper would make enough money to get her teeth fixed. With that mouth if she go down she could accidently give a nigg@ a vasectomy

    • jpari

      THANK YOU! these chicks have their priorities messed up how you have these tats propbably thousands doller bags etc but your teeth is jacked up is beyond me

      • there is no health or dental insurance working for your self

        • Voice of Reason

          @Hahz, sorry to say but there is health and dental insurance for the self-employed becuase I pay out of pocket to go to Kaiser, and I have been doing it for 10 years now. She has the ability to pay for her health and dental insurance out of pocket based on her income. She can pay via the fee for service route on a worst case scenario, its the same way that she gets paid at the club. You pay for what you want done. I agree with jpari 1000%.

          • agree’s,it’s all about your priorities

      • jpari

        PROBABLY* typos but you guys get the point
        i’m going to spend $1,000 on my teeth
        before i spend it on a bag,shoes etc

        that’s like having a luxury but you live in the hood shit don’t add up

  • slap doot

    she look like she could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch. she a hennessy smash,, only when drunk off hen

  • prime706

    saw her a few weeks ago july 19 donk of the day my dick is still hard.i like the way that ass moves when she shaking it.

  • LouieV

    This bitch is weak. Her body is too because the tattoos fuck up the smoothness of the skin

  • MD

    Looks like she be eatin bricks!

  • d

    instead of ass shots she should have got that grilled fixed….priorties i tell you…

  • downbydariver

    well the grill is atrocious but she phat

  • zoolander

    id fuck her all day long. but baby please dont try to give me head lol ill pass on that. just bend over and let me tame that beast back body though……………. REAL TALK TELEVISION

  • floridaboy

    D@mn, looks like the wolf pack really went in hard on this young lady.
    I hope she doesn’t check the site, because if so, her feelings are gonna be hurt…LOL

    • bkstandup

      @floridaboy Right, I started to make a nice comment but I don’t even think it would help.

  • Her face is kinda ugly, but I have seen worse. Her body is tight though. PEACE!!!

  • BlackLondoNer

    Fuck what you n!ggaz talking about..That ass & moves too good for me to pass this up..I’m taking it home for some late night loving.

  • Who would have figure she was ugly right!Only thing she got going is ass and dance moves-She should invest in a snap on smile though to upgrade herself since she getting to the money and now a lil fame. Man she ain’t ready for a camera yet!

  • ShowYaKnow

    brown paper bag money hahaaa , bag over her head and go in action

  • I kno her grill a lil messed up..but ole girl got a nice setup them tats ain’t gone ride though baby

  • she be the one call for some ass 3 in the morning lol!

  • BlackLondoNer
  • ShowYaKnow

    @ttown feel ya on the tatts, her tatts especially ones on her arm aint what it is, dont know whats up with these broads and arm tatts, but body decent she thick, just 3 am thick

  • snizzle

    she got rocks n her mouth…but vid showed sumthin special…she got passion when she shake her ass n it dnt look fake like ol girl unique hotel..*chuckles at name*

  • prime706

    her teeth fucked up but its something bout this chick i like.

  • Nobigurls

    NO Head! no head! No head!!

  • Chi Capitan

    I think the majority of guys would date her after its all said and done. If she put on some jeans like in that last pic and a nice top w/ the right shoes and was just walking around in any major metropolitan area, I’m sure she would get plenty of attention. There are dudes out there who would be proud to have that on their arm…..

    • Cold and Hot

      I mean I’ll still smash no doubt, she ain’t bad or nothin it’s just the grill and the tattoos. Come on now she got money to get that wig on her head and other sh-t, look like she workout so she got money to pay for the gym might as well invest a little further and get her damn teeth fixed, and get rid of some of them tattoos or somethin.

  • 1,2

    fuck naaaa

  • Jeremy

    Officially anotha 1 of my favorites!

  • G0D

    I would fuck, but thats about it. Would not be seen in public with this female. I know she is probably making good money from stripping. 1st thing she needs to do is get her grill fixed. Hell, Magic City might as well just pick up the tab and consider it an investment. I know I will be going there just to see her.

  • Quai-Quai_19

    That’s my kind of woman.

  • Craig

    She has a great body, but toooooooooooooooooooooooo many tattoos.

  • Silly_Serious

    Ice cube said it best “body like beyonce, face like andre ewwwwww”

  • Meyer Plansky


  • derrick d