Montana Rite : Dark N Lovely

· February 11, 2010

Montana Rite featured in the latest Straight Stuntin magazine looking rite. You don’t women of this skin tone to much in magazine’s or even in videos now in days.Propz blackjackskanz

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Discussion13 Comments

  1. Btsdee74 says:

    Darker the berry sweetier the juice!!!!!

  2. hodgeprt says:

    Good look keep exposin these guys 2 the chocolate beauty my man

  3. Tony says:

    she’s beautiful

  4. texas says:

    sexy black damn

  5. Southwest says:

    She can be in my video.

  6. Blue Socks says:

    She hot

  7. Cold and hot says:

    She looks like she straight from the islands,beautiful chocolate mami. More of her in the future please!

  8. CCGroovy says:

    I’m in LOVE… AGAIN!!!

  9. 4REAL says:


  10. SoTrini says:

    This chick is right, thicker than ah snicker and darker than a Reese’s Pieces, she has the sex appeal and she is about giving back to the hood. Oh yeah, and she rep BK too so that is a big plus in my book. Shorty is bbbaaaaaaaddddddddd!!!!

  11. T-Fleezee says:

    I love me some chocolate! Seeing her jus makes me hungry!

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