Montana Got A Big Ole Donk

· October 28, 2009



Montana is up for her 2nd M.I.L.F award 08′ & 09′. Montana has had 4 children and is competing with the best of them in the body department. For more Montana pictures check out 1900Montana

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Unseen Nicki Minaj black spandex red carpet pix

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  1. TheTruth says:

    She’s got a nice rack too.

  2. Mike says:

    She’s nice but have y’all seen Mike Epps latest video? There’s this hot video vixen in that video that I’ve never seen before. Do y’all know who I’m talking about? she’s BANGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. PLAYA says:

    Damn… And She Fine Too!! 4SHO

  4. edog says:

    OOhhhh Yeahhhhh,how about that M.J!

  5. 100 says:

    She nice but 4 kids yall can keep that bitch sucker ass niggas see some ta and be ready to play step pops

  6. laker1 says:


  7. nupedingo says:

    That ass don’t look real. Nicki Minaj booty don’t look real either. She got that Lacey Duvalle booty.

  8. gphi says:

    In this interview: she says that she has five kids in the answer to question 24. She’s still tight though. PEACE!!!

  9. Im-$O-BX says:

    I can see why she has 4 kids, I would have gave her the same also.

  10. uptown rza says:


  11. Nuttyboy says:

    I’d not mind giving her the fifth baby but I ain’t gonna marry her though. I’d love to smash that fatty on a daily basis.

  12. Lord Tee says:

    Have a baby by me BABY!!!

  13. rell says:

    Nuttyboy says:
    October 29, 2009 at 10:49 am

    I’d not mind giving her the fifth baby but I ain’t gonna marry her though. I’d love to smash that fatty on a daily basis.

    that comment was so fucking dumb…… you wanna give her a child but dont wanna marry it? ugh my black dudes are lames….

    anyway she iight…

  14. Mike Lowery says:

    Shoot outs to Atlnightspots for the Montana post….@ Rell don’t put black dudes down cause you know a bunch of suckas and one cat’s comment.

  15. rell says:

    @Mike Lowery i dont persoanly know dude like this dudes comments. just pointing out the idioticy of his comment.

  16. Nuttyboy says:

    @Rell, i ain’t got time for arguments bro.
    You don’t know me so keep it moving.

  17. 901 GANGSTA says:

    PASS, bitch just looks used. y u aint marred? way to many kids being born out of wed lock

  18. Mike says:

    You wanna marry a woman who’s been with 50K dudes? Didn’t she use to work as a call girl a few years ago? C’mon now smash yes marry no way.

  19. CharlieHu$tle says:

    @Rell U R jus as lame as Nuttyboy for promoting stereotypes, I don’t see where it says he’s black

  20. weezyiswayne609 says:

    shes used goods.. but she got that cannon, and im nt talkin Nick

  21. DEN2 says:


  22. ATLaggiN says:


  23. B-nice says:


  24. mobboss says:

    she bad and I mean it in a good way.. I play step daddy with that pretty thang on my arm.. Yep sure would

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