Check out Monica Leon aka Danger’s from Vh1’s For the Love of Ray J latest camera phone pictures and Blackmen’s Inkcandy spread. She is currently still pursuing her acting career starring in low budget movies in L.A. Tiffany Pollard aka New York is milk carton status these days. Thoughts?

  • queso BP.1

    I was just talkin bout this chick recently..pretty girl but that tattoo on her face gotta go.. Its all fun n games till u cant get no job……”Danger..smashed the homie”

    • LOL,she still pursuing a acting career *shrugs*. She was on vh1 like 40yrs ago smh. I see @red still trying to pursue a damn team to roll with LOL

      @reds top 5 team names
      Busted & disgusted
      Caramel city in homo-land
      The lost boys aka peter pans sidepieces
      Teamchocolate rejects
      I-hate-light-women-except- my girl-squad


      • queso BP.1

        LMAO @ The lost boys

        • too_funny

          lol niccas going in today

          • queso BP.1

            @toofunny O I went in hard on some cat earlier…HAHZ had to take the comment off LOL…Some new cat always tryna get a rep.

          • Realtalkldn

            Lool @queso these new cats come on the website tryna make a name for themselves. They need to comment on the topic at hand and let that be that

          • queso BP.1

            @real exactly!

          • trap101

            I was tryin to find that @Queso, which headline did u do that in?

          • queso BP.1

            @Trap that was on the Samuel jackson joint..HAHZ took it off though..Took dudes comment than my comment off..Youll see @Fiz saying dam u goin hard mon morning..mighta been a lil much but i cant tolerate that shi#..i can take a joke like the next dude but dont come on here sideways especially if u aint Wolfpack.

        • @Queso im gon tell you like i told B Andre 3000 im wolfpack all day i put in my membership last week. Oh yea Ques i see you took all that Jolly Green Giant shirt you had on lmao.

          @ B what up?!!! you fooling for those names rotfl!!!

          • queso BP.1

            @313 LMFAO yea ill throw some other shi# on for yall to laugh at LOL

  • Red C.E.

    Too Crazy for My blood……….She look fatal attractionish

    • MoorFed

      Fatal attractions got the best p*ssy, and I got the scares to prove it.

  • dante

    She will get smashed

  • Tiffany pollard is teamchocolate!!!…weak as hell. Danger was a pretty girl until she Mike tyson’d herself lol,still smashworthy tho!!!

    • too_funny

      @Bstrait voice …. “that’s some dangerous p^ssy….stick it in and it feels like the p^ssy is just stabbing your dik…..have your shyt bruised bloodied and baddered after you smash that”

      @queso voice …. “shyt look at my face…i tried to eat it”


      • LOL @toofunny. Would u smash Tiffany pollard weak azz tho??

    • Don’t say she don’t look good? Then say i’d still hit what the hell?

      • too_funny

        yeah i’ll smashing Tiff off

        @P Ward… a female aint gotta look good to hit… i know you aint hit all 10s in your life, bc i done hit females from 0 to 10….a zero is better than lotion or vaseline lol

        • @too_funny sh*t i bang dimes only. Black,white,latina,asian

          • trap101

            Only dimes u bang are the ones off ur table cuz u was too broke to afford POGS back in the day.


          • MoorFed

            “Only dimes”? Now Pres, I don’t even believe that.

  • Nutupquickly

    a bunch of rejects im smashing but only at there house bc all of them are crazy in the head

  • Red C.E.

    I take back what I said…..I would smash danger

  • Realtalkldn

    These women are all mad, what does that tattoo add to her face? Id smash her in the dark and wouldnt bring her round no family members

    • It was simply done to hold your attention smh. Think about it @real,any person with a big azz tatt on their face is most likely a attention whore

      • Realtalkldn

        My point exactly @b but then that is even worse. Lol any way you look at it it dont look good for this otherwise attractive young lady

  • She can get it and plus she fine.

  • TYBO2020


  • desolation

    gimme her asian looking friend, you can keep the rest of these bassicas.

  • A didnt Ray J make a song about her? it was like top ten on the Hip Hop/R&B charts for like ten weeks? i think it goes “This Hoe smashed the Homies” ft. Snoop Dogg. but i know i would if she came in my room. She look like she would stare at you while you sleeping.

    • queso BP.1

      LOL then stab u up! Talkin bout what happened? What happened?

      • 313Deuce

        That broad got me messed up if she think im sleeping next to her ass. Make up a good ass lie for her to leave. “Like damn i got to go to my momma house to put brakes on my car” She would be like “ok I guess ill go to team Chocolate they fantasy roster looking real thin” lol.

  • Pose

    She done messed up her face….