Mom Forces Teen To Wear Sign: ‘I Lie, I Steal, I Sell Drugs, I Don’t Follow The Law’

· January 12, 2012


FORT WAYNE, INDIANA – A frustrated mom has given her wayward teenage son the ultimate punishment: public humiliation.
The 14-year-old was forced to stand on a busy street for two hours with a massive sign hanging around his neck, which read, “I lie, I steal, I sell drugs, I don’t follow the law.”
Dynesha Lax, of Fort Wayne, said the punishments handed out to her unruly son weren’t strong enough to get him to stop so she had no choice but to take this drastic action.

“I decided he broke the law and they only gave him a few hours community service so I decided that we were going to wear a sign that says you looking for attention, we’re going to get you attention,” Lax told KLTV.

While her son, who has already been convicted of multiple felonies, stood on Broadway Street, Lax explained she felt the court system had done little to get her son to change his ways.

“What else more can I do?” said Lax. “They put him on probation and when they did probation they were quick to talk about the 300 some dollars you have to pay in fees, but nobody’s trying to help me fix my son.”

Passing motorists, though, were shocked by her tough love approach and alerted Fort Wayne Police. Officers said Lax was completely within her rights to make her son stand on the side of the street. It may be unconventional, but it’s not illegal.
“I’m hoping that having him out here is going to make it sink in,” said Lax. “It wasn’t for it to be a joke or anything funny. He just had to stand out here two hours and suddenly it blew up. Then again they’ve got their way of parenting and I’ve got mine. My object is to save my son.”

You think this punishment was effective?

  • wobeli

    don’t know how effective this is

    • smoothie

      Its a start. I know some mothers who don’t care what their son does as long as they get kick back money to pay their bills. Then they cry and wonder what went wrong when he gets
      20 years in prison or killed. At least she is trying, something is better than nothing.

  • shandale

    Thats what im talkin about old school parenting at its finest.
    Thats the problem with todays youth. Their parents fear the child more than they fear the parents. BEAT YOUR KIDS NOW THEY WONT KILL YOU LATER!!!!

  • cmonson2

    Kids is outta control, if you spank you go to jail.
    Way 2 go lady.
    Save the children.

  • queso BP. 1

    Who called the police? People kill me.

  • KB3434

    Often times embarrassment is the best remedy? How many cats had their mother or father come to the school unannounced. Sometimes that embarrassment goes a long way.


      I have and it worked 2 this day I don’t like 2 be embarrassed.

      • KB3434

        Dawg, I can tell it worked. You seem mad solemn in your reply. Normally it’s hard to dictate tone…its alright homie it’s in the past.


    I don’t blame her, embarrass his/her/they behinds since beating can get you in trouble or it’s not affective.



  • md

    Can’t beat there ass anymore gotta do something outta control teens need to be delt with! Good jom mom.


    I bet it was the white people calling the police! Some parents could careless what they’re kids getting into.

    • onananonymoustip

      @miamiBlack thats my fav movie “‘Lil Ze'”

  • Greg4422

    He needs a good ass whooping…and she’s right about those people at the probation’s just a scam to get money…they’re not trying to help rehabilitate anyone.

    • E-Dub

      Yep. Back in the day the police bet not stop a mom from getting in a kid’s azz.