Remember when you had to sneak your camera phone in strip clubs to take pics back in the day funny how the times changed. Strippers like @Model_Indonesia take pictures for you while at the strip club. Indonesia is slowly climbing the charts I think she would make Lastarya look slim. Thoughts?

  • This girl face is sooo busted it’s not even funny,Im only bringing this chick at night to my house and the train station lol


      um, do us all a favor n keep her face away from the screen JUST HER AZZ PLEEEEZE THANX IN ADVANCE!!!

      • RunTellDat

        She looks like Bria Myles ugly sister. But that’s just compared to Bria. I don’t think she ugly, that’s just a bad pic. Her body is a masterpiece. Def smashing til the sun rise.

  • Legacy

    Dayum she fugly.

    • moorfedayeen

      Yea, perfect wording. Not ugly but fugly. I really think with the right make up and just different angles and posing, she’ll never look as bad as that first pic. That #2 pic more then makes up though. I’d kick it wit a chick like this cause I know she look better in person; she just ain’t photogenic.

      • Tim

        got to agree, the body is a dream!

        • Tim

          Not gone lie, I would double bust in her. And would say I did it.


  • k-2

    she look like an average chick from the block that you see in just about any hood, just way thicker

  • The second pic is da truth! #smashing

  • presto

    its something bout Indo?!?!?….no she not the flyest pair of sneaks in da closet….but im feelin her “around the way” feel….she’s on auto thick…and her lips are killin me slowly…(but ya needs to keep’em shined up tho ma…one of ya best features…jus me)…lol…bedroom eyes….”DAMN UNCLE PRESTO THIS CHICKS GROWN ON A BROTHA!”……”SHO YA RIGHT YOUNGIN…”…lol

    • crabapples

      yes dude she’s growin on me too. i keep coming back to the page and something about her face is nice… maybe the eyes. them lips are on extra full but honestly i’m thinking them thick lips woudl swallow up my jimmy never to be seen again… but i’ll take my chances!

  • realtalkldn

    lol she not ugly as people making out that close up face pic isnt too flattering thats all. Her body is top notch!! Wouldn’t be a girl I’d wifey but someone would smash this till they did find wifey!

  • crabapples

    she looks like jennifer hudson. looking good to me. i’d holla and smash long term because that body is out of this world.

    • jfizzle

      @crab, I was think the same thing, damn J. Hud done started stripping for side change. Yeah she not ugly.

      • Chi Capitan

        @ jfizzle J. Hudson looks like her finer older sister…lol I love J. Hud. As far as Indo, no she’s far from ugly and does have nice lips. Not one of my favorites, but that body is top notch!

  • Charles Hill

    Who gives a fuck if she ain’t got the most gorgeous, face in the world look at that body. and that ass that’s all I need right, there you feel me.

  • Detroit Bred

    I care if shes ugly especially when half of u nuccas saying she not that bad looking she’s look like a woodchuck..Id still smash that phat ass tho. Funny I’ve heard nuccas say Mizz Dr was hit but this chick is tight lmao…Silly clowns

    • diva6

      right this lady is busted give me a chick like portia gorgeous facebig breast booty legsi evensay that ans i am a women and not a lesbo lol

  • Hood Prophet

    This girl’s face is ruint (ruined) the way the old heads say it…..Somethin about them dark sistas, I dont know. I am not picky at all, but I wouldn’t wife this one. That’s a helluva body though….Id be scared to hit cause I wouldn’t want to get her knocked up

    • Hood Prophet

      Two unattractive muthafukkas usually dont make a cute baby….I gotta pass on this one. Give me that light chick next to Mesha Seville or Teena Marie’s daughter!

  • still118

    good googly moogly that thang is juicy…as they say “beauty p is in the eye of the beholder.” so with that said, baby lets work out sum arrangment or somethin. i cant wife no skrippa but welcome to #TEAMCHOCOLATE

  • BUCK

    its funny how a ugly nuggu like huh Legacy can call her ugly! funny! thick nice lips! #nugguyouGAY! LMAO

  • Jimmy89

    she dont make lastarya seem slim. they like the same damn size but star got wayyyy more sex appeal

  • Fool Me Never

    Damn I cliked on this expecting to see some @ss shaking If Simone a school teacher can tease us with a few booty tricks I expect a stripper to show us some of her best moves in a vid every once in a while.

  • Seigel Beenie

    BIG ASS LIPS AND BOOTY! That will do for a short term smash. Just keeping it real.

  • Southwest

    I would never accuse her of being a cutie but I damn sho would bust her lips slapping my dude against them. I’m sure those backshots would satisfy me as well. Perfect jump-off action.

  • Cold and Hot


  • slap doot

    forget her face, she look like she can suck the chrome of a trailer hitch….an look at that big azz cocoa puff she got back there

  • MisterMidas

    I guess Im like every other dude here….ole girl is NOT cute in the slightest…but that BODY, OMG! Her body make up for it times 1000! BUT…she does have some serious DSL’s though!! Imagine them things wrapped around the wood right after you bust in her grill!! #Heaven

  • She has a real thick body…nice. PEACE!!!