Model Of The Moment Sakura

· December 18, 2012

Model Of The Moment Sakura is a ja*anese Cali girl who stands at 4’11 with the measurements of 34D-24-40. Are you feeling her?

Bonus More of her pics here.

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  1. Playboy69 says:

    She is Solid 8! Here is her WSHH video THANK ME LATER…LOL!

  2. hmm..she could be my weekday jumpoff.

    Miracle Watts for Rookie of the Year!

  3. WildWild says:

    That’s what I’m talking about Asian Invasion way to start off my morning.. More pics of her and Natalie Inoue

  4. desolation says:

    (flashes thumbs up)

  5. President Ward says:

    I’ll give her an 9.

  6. Realtalkin says:

    Very nice measurements and pics, shes 4’11 too so uno shes stacked! Gotta check out that WSHH candy vid

  7. Aight Hahz it’s time for some chocolate ladies.

  8. wobeli says:

    Highly Impressive!

  9. DCAssLuva says:

    she got ass but i wasnt feeling her worldstar vid

  10. Southwestern says:

    What’s better than Blasians nicca? Nothing.

  11. K-iller says:

    Sakura and Dana Lee @ Da same damn time! (Future voice)

  12. Teegirl says:

    She gets an 8. It looks her eyes are almost on the side of her head and her nose is too wide.

  13. CORP_GOD_RED says:

    She one asian chick that would get it all…

    *follows on instagram*

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