Model Of The Moment Sakura is a ja*anese Cali girl who stands at 4’11 with the measurements of 34D-24-40. Are you feeling her?

Bonus More of her pics here.

  • Playboy69

    She is Solid 8! Here is her WSHH video THANK ME LATER…LOL!

    • @Pb69 I seen it yesterday! And she is bad for an asian chick. Hahz…… words need to be said at this point.

      • Playboy69

        @850.. She got that SUSHI ASS with the MANGO SAUCE…LOL!


          @PB69 what you think about this one here?

          • Playboy69

            She is a Solid 8. Sakura & Bebe are VINTAGE 8 BALLS! But if I had to pick between the two I will take Bebe home with me…LOL!

          • Playboy69

            @850… Who u got Sakura or Bebe?

          • @Pb69 I don’t know bro. It’s a tough choice. You have egg foo yung & egg rolls & on the other side u have Beans and Rice with chicken on the side. It’s a rough call I’ll try to take both ladies home damn that.

          • Playboy69

            @850…LOL! I luv some RICE & BEANS ASS GIRLS! IE…MIZZ DR….LOL!

          • @PB69 Yeah man them rican’s and dominicans be bringing it. Can’t leave out Tahiry.

          • WildWild

            @Pb69 & 8Fiddy… good lawd I’m mad I couldn’t see this ish at the gig.. u know that restriction be tight, but thank you bruthaz for this one that’s a tight choice.. I’m like 50 I tries both…lol

          • WildWild

            After further review.. I love my sistahz.. but damnit I gotta take the Asian Invasion.. gimmie that firecracker roll.. I can get beans and rice

          • Playboy69


  • hmm..she could be my weekday jumpoff.

    Miracle Watts for Rookie of the Year!

  • WildWild

    That’s what I’m talking about Asian Invasion way to start off my morning.. More pics of her and Natalie Inoue

    • Jfizzle!!!!!!!

      • @Wildwild a.k.a Blue yeah she’s nice but I still like Tomika Skanes tho. She need to drop somethng good for the pack.

        • President Ward

          @850 she fine and she can it all night long.

          Wolfpack Inc.

          • @Ward yes she can get it. Bro did I just see u give her a 9?

          • President Ward

            @850 is she better the Daphne Joy?

          • President Ward

            I meant better then Daphne Joy. lol

        • WildWild

          @8Fiddy Idk bro.. I she ain’t as thick as Natalie or this chick right here .. she bad don’t get me wrong and honestly you ain’t loosing with either one.. Hell I gotta Asian fetish so it don’t matter to

          • @Pward yeah she’s killing Daphne Joy. Ashleigh Hue & Tomika Skanes, Sakura are my top asian broads.

            @Wildwild she’s not but she won’t be declined either.

          • President Ward

            @850 CO-SIGN! SHE KILLIN’ DAPHNE JOY!

    • trap101 (The Corp North)

      @WildWild my Asian sensation brother u already know what it is when it comes to these Asian broads……….smooth as a Ray Allen 3 pointer….swish.

  • desolation

    (flashes thumbs up)

  • President Ward

    I’ll give her an 9.

    • @Pward according to the two pics up top red dress & Black outfit she deserves a 9. She’s bad you should see her WSHH video.

      @Hahz who would you take out of Evelyn.L or Karlie Redd? I’m taking Karlie.

      • Karlie

        • @Hahz u know she’s fixin to drop a nasty video next week right? Be on the look out for it. I heard Benzino cuffed up Karlie is that true?

  • Realtalkin

    Very nice measurements and pics, shes 4’11 too so uno shes stacked! Gotta check out that WSHH candy vid

    • queso (The Corp)

      Yes yes

  • Aight Hahz it’s time for some chocolate ladies.

  • wobeli

    Highly Impressive!

  • DCAssLuva

    she got ass but i wasnt feeling her worldstar vid

  • Southwestern

    What’s better than Blasians nicca? Nothing.

  • K-iller

    Sakura and Dana Lee @ Da same damn time! (Future voice)

  • Teegirl

    She gets an 8. It looks her eyes are almost on the side of her head and her nose is too wide.


    She one asian chick that would get it all…

    *follows on instagram*