Model Of The Moment Nini Amor (Pics + Video)

· October 16, 2011

Bite size model Nini Amor reppin DMV is Sunday’s model of the moment. She is a cute and peti*e model but the fact she is bi adds to her attraction factor. You can check out her WSHH video debut with her girlfriend here. Thoughts?

Twitter @MsNiniAmor

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  1. RussellReed says:

    Yeah she is bite sized and she can get it on the wall. I will put her legs on my shoulders and eat that Pu$$y standing up.

  2. Plansky says:

    she would most def get it… Ill pick her up too

  3. B STRAIT UP says:

    Id hit it! Her and a girlfriend LOL

  4. prime706 says:

    she hood fine i give her an 8.8

  5. trap101 says:

    i ain’t in the US so i’m allowed to ask, what does DMV stand for?

  6. prime706 says:

    dmv got so fine ass women i was station up there my first tour in the navy thats real talk coming from a DSGB.

  7. true blackman says:

    hood rat

  8. slap doot says:

    i’ll walk around from room to room with her lil azz beatin it out

  9. MalleG's says:

    Shes a cute little jawn, that I would eat up, but in that first pic, she look like she has some feet like the little dutch boy

  10. Murder says:

    Shorty mediocre niggas ain’t get this excited over broads that put her to shame

  11. Southwest says:

    I’ve never kicked it with a chick under 123 pounds. Never will.

    • 850 says:

      @SouthWest man homie u don’t know what ur missing on bro. Them lil chicks can hold their own down bro no lie. I tell you what she’ll take it better than a thick woman would.

  12. Plansky says:

    petits are always fun!!!

  13. Red(G.I.C.) says:

    Pic #2 Shows how fine she is

    She got That Around The Way Sexy Look

    She definitely Can Be Down with G.I.C.

    My Roster Looking Nice Right Now

    With My Lead Off Bernice Burgos

    We got some More That will be revealed Very Soon

    Shout Out to #teamchocolate

  14. Red(G.I.C.) says:

    Yo I seen He WSHH video with her Ol Lady

    YES She is Now G.I.C.

  15. realtalkldn says:

    shes short how i like em, pretty with a lil thickness…lol her and her wifey will get the d!!!

  16. Chi Capitan says:

    Not feelin her. And once again, this gay/bi stuff is sickening to me

    • 850 says:

      Shit pass her ass on to me Chi-Captain. I’ll tear her ass up homie. That’s every man’s fantasy homie 2 fine women at the sametime. I know I’ll give in. Give her some jello shots & some beans lol.

  17. Dirtydee says:

    Those last two pics did it for me she can get it with the outfit on!

  18. lnfamous ONE says:

    fail, thumbs down on all fags…

  19. gphi says:

    She’s a cute lil’ slim chick. PEACE!!!

  20. ReEsYcUp31 says:

    Where’s the video?

  21. Playboy69 says:

    LIGHTSKIN GIRLS ARE BACK!…She reps it nicely!

  22. Plansky says:

    Id throw a party on that pussy

  23. TYBO2020 says:


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