Lady Nicole aka Queen Kong was born Lekisha Nicole in Oakland, CA. This multi-talented beauty is the second oldest of four children and the only female child. Being raised in a six person household in Oakland, CA was not an easy task and Lady Nicole’s parents struggled together to Make ends meet and raise their children. Lady Nicole’s father eventually turned to drugs as a way of escape and was absent in most of Lady Nicole’s life.

Being raised in a now single parent household, Lady Nicole experienced poverty and all the setbacks that come with it. Yet, there was something in Lady Nicole that caused her to persevere against the despair that was around her. In the late 80s, early 90s, Lady Nicole’s mother moved her and her brother to Sacramento, CA, where she met her god sister, Shawnna, wife of Brotha Lynch Hung. Lady Nicole soon found herself writing lyrics and used this talent as a way of escape. Over time, Lady Nicole developed her own style and swagger that set her apart from other female rappers. As with other artists, Lady Nicole began to experience writer’s block and turned to modeling as a way to remain busy while she worked through her artistic downtime.

Lady Nicole was found to be talented and successful as a model as well. She modeled in many fashion shows, magazines, and awards shows. To further add to her resume, Lady Nicole has hosted many parties and made appearances in videos as well. In 2003, Lady Nicole suffered a setback when she lost her mother due to a brain aneurysm. While this may have paralyzed some, it gave Lady Nicole the drive she needed to continue to pursue her dreams. In 2004, Lady Nicole met an influential friend and producer, Grand Prix aka Mr. NYC. Lady Nicole again picked up the pen and pad and began to write lyrics. This time, Lady Nicole’s writing was noticeably more mature. Though the road for Lady Nicole hasn’t always been smooth, this Lady is surely not one to allow life to get her down. She is well on her way to becoming the next biggest double threat to the entertainment industry as an accomplished model and rap artist.Via


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    Great pics, but I’m not really interested in that long ass bio

  • AWESOME!!!

    Soooooooooo… is she LADY NICOLE, or QUEEN KONG???

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  • She seems to be very intelligent & determined to succeed, she’s also a nice looking young lady. PEACE!!!