Check out the professional and homegrown pics of the model Jeny Romero. Jeny is some one to look out cause she is a problem. What do you rate Jeny?

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  • jfizzle

    Yes indeed Hahz she is a problem like physics or better yet her physique is a problem. The pic of her on her knees and the one in the light blue dress got me on my grind through lunch 2day. She’s a 10

    • Forty and Fly guy

      Agreed! That pic of the blue dress is a stunner!

      • moorfedayeen

        Yeah she aint nothing but a dime through & through. Nothing to point out but beauty. I need glasses cause I sho skipped thAt one of her on her knees til I read ya post. GOTDAMN!

        • Samanosuke

          Yeah, I see your avatar even got his glasses on now lol
          That’s poetry right there… them hips, them thighs, those eyes.

  • BlackLonDoNer

    Her homegrown pics are > her professional pics.

    She’s bad.

  • Chicago “Blue” Green

    Nice… Real Niiiccceee… She’s a wifey post!!!

    • Chicago “Blue” Green

      Let’s get a post of shawty she posing with

      • still118

        man u aint lyin. who is that chocalate cutie to the right of her?

  • MICHAEL816

    yes indeed a true dime

  • bob

    she is a 6 or a 7

    • jfizzle

      Wow bro! who’s an 8 in your book?

  • melloluver

    I’m feeling her. She gets an 8.

  • ginobli

    i think i might wife her damn shawty bad im on my way atl

  • trap101

    Wow look at that…………… locker room shots. Do we got a keeper here?

    • Clyde Dreskler

      i said the same thing

  • ATL Mystery

    For those of you who are wondering, that is what a DIME looks like.

  • JP




  • Thrash

    Anyone sayin she is a 6,7, or 8 is straight crazy….what yall girls look like?……..dnt wry….ill wait…

  • 4REAL


  • BigSheed

    She is a WINNER! Damn she fine

  • treece

    wishes that every girl who decides to get big fake a** & ti***es would at least work on their chicken legs.

  • zlon

    not as thick in the thighs as i like, so i give her a 7 1/2. girl posing wit her looks good!

  • atm

    she used to strip in Sin City (bronx) not all that fake boobs and butt injections!

  • zion

    she a dyme

  • DarkMaine

    she’s another hood rat< fucks with rappers such as fab…

  • more chedda

    jeny ain’t even this tricks name, had no body until after she started stripping, but i’ll still pipe

  • crazy ace

    another bronx chickenhead who still lives with her mom and should be worrying about her daughter, just take throw her a hundred or take her out to dinner and you get to fuck raw right after .

  • mikey

    word, ran a train on this chick in kennedy high school back in the days, damn wish it was now, that ass n titties came out of nowhere!

  • sucio

    damn jeny had me going crazy with the singles in Sin City glad you making it!

  • loubillz

    Aston martin music video shorty fine!

  • IrishDublin

    Jaysus that moth has some bleedin hole on her and she’s good lookin with some pair of diddys as well, perfecto. She’s looky she didnt grow up over here she’d be ruined walking bow legged with 10 children hanging off her curves. 9/10 she losses a point cause she lives too far away.

  • joyee

    yeni is always talking about how real she is yet she can’t be real about how fake her body is dumb hoe, take care of your daughter you sloppy smut!