Model Of The Moment Dolly Castro

· November 29, 2012

Today’s model of the moment Dolly Castro is the new Nicaraguan model from Miami, Florida. She got that it factor. She looks like she can’t go a day with out some one trying to holla at her.


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  1. DCAssLuva says:

    she bad!! cant deny that phat!!

  2. queso (The Corp) says:

    AYYYY MAMI tiene coolo mas grande..Yo me gusto! Loving that six pic too mmmmmph!

  3. after a long day at work i can come home and relax,watch lebron and heat play tonight,eat dinner,and head to bed with dolly castro coming into the room for the night like that in pic #6.

    *dolly hops in bed and sheed claps twice and the lights turn off* lol

  4. WildWild says:

    Cute face slim waist and thick in the right places… just one question can she cook and keep house.. @q I c u addressed that, but do these dimes cook and keep a clean house if u just walking around looking good and ain’t doing nuttn else… u side joint and nuttn else… I need the all around effect… Beautiful tho!!!

    • something tells me she would keep a clean house/apartment and do her thing in the kitchen. i’d clean and cook also because no man wants a trifling woman and vice versa haha

    • queso (The Corp) says:

      @Wild 90% of the broads i deal wit are spanish..and HOT! and they all cookin kid. Only ones that wasnt cooking like that were the ones that were half black! LMFAO..Im dead azz wrong for that but tru story though Hey fuc it!!

  5. 1luv says:

    That it factor indeed. She the type that I like to wake up next to the bed in the morning.

  6. Playboy69 says:

    She is HOT she got dat LATINA HEAT!…she get the 10 CARD!

  7. desolation says:


  8. BzB says:

    nicaraguan dimepiece. very nice. great look on this one @hahz. *daps*

  9. Red_Corp says:

    Dolly is one of my favorites….been brought her to the Corp

  10. Red_Corp says:

    She about to be top rank soon

  11. Mister Mister says:

    She’s tough, no denying.

    It’s crazy that the lengths these females are doing for attention though

  12. Realtalkin says:

    absolutely! She look right!!!

  13. wobeli says:

    Dolly made my list she’s official, a 10

  14. Mr Nice Guy says:

    Dayuuummmmn! Nice!

  15. lazarus says:

    decent, but there is some unicorns grazing down here in miami fam. Ones that would make Dolly irrelevant. JMHO

  16. 828heffe says:

    A1 she looks good as hell in every pic… top notch

  17. Big ALbert says:

    I like her but that azz looking kinda suspect tho.

  18. NoWhiteINmyCup says:

    Been telling yall that yall sleep on florida, we got them babies, southbeach in paticular loaded.

    She nice but trust go visit liv and you will see atleast 20 dolly castros they down there trust

    Why do you think Porn Company Reality Kings/Bang bros moved to MIAMI , its because south beach is full of them broads.

  19. damnshame says:

    Mu Caliente…

  20. TYBO2020 says:


  21. Quai-Quai_21 says:

    She’s my kind of Latina!!

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