Model of The Day: Michelle Cortez

· March 16, 2013


Saturday’s dime of the day goes by the name of Michelle Cortez. She has been in videos from 50 Cent to Nelly. This exotic blasian is straight out of Hampton, Virginia..



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  • President Ward

    Her and Honey Cocaine can both get it …..

    Wolfpack Inc.

  • REX

    Rex again stix a B.P.FLAG in the sand and dares one of u punk mothaphuckas to touch it…lol

    I’m beating that shhh up all-night u heard????

    FA real,FA real

    • Queso (The Corp)


      • B Strait 3000(mega-corp)

        @Rex lmao!!! Yeah she’s hot. #corp approved

    • presto 2.5

      lol @BrothaSoul…

      “Dey dont kno bout dat BrothaSoul fam”….lol

      MeGaCorporation Kingz

      shouts to @Duece…@LouieV…@Red…we still see yall Famo…Blood in Blood Out

  • Queso (The Corp)

    @Wild wild where u at son??? Got one for u lol

  • 828heffe

    She looks like a slim Luscious Louis. She is cold though… 9piece

  • Realtalkin

    She nicee

    • presto 2.5

      you likes dat @Real?

      **@Prest calls front desk”…”Yeah have Chel Cortez sent up to @Real’s office”

      **@Real in amazement**…”Damnit man…tha Corp life is greaaaat!”


      • Realtalkin

        lmao!! MGC!

  • RED 2K13

    Damn She fine!

  • Big B

    She’s old school. I wonder how many people remember her from

  • Old Skool quote

    While the businessmen in suits be hawking you
    Baby, hair pumping, lip gloss is shining
    I think you in the mood for wining and dining

    LL Cool J

  • Rasheed Lateef

    nice one for st.patty’s day.

    *pinches michelle cortez on the butt* “i’m not wearing green,sheed!” *me with my mutumbo smile* *eggsacly hahaha*

  • Big ALbert

    I’d smash but she’s not at all my type. Her face is hit or miss imo.

    I rate her a 7

    • Mister Mister

      Pretty much

  • that dude

    classic dime…

  • Southwestern

    I love the Blasians but I prefer a little more Black in the gene mix. She nice.

  • edo

    Fuck honey cocaine, she and she alone can get it

  • Cold and Hot

    Bad to the bone bruh. Aye I like see some thick Asian blasian broads. She bad too.