You won’t find many models with the last name Mei-Ling built like this one. Her twitter name @exoticmisskriss fits her well due to the fact she is mixed with Chinese/French/German. She is from Las Vegas and loves to listen to hip hop.

Are you feeling her?

  • Smashtastic

    • queso (The Corp)


      • bighomie53

        Agreed.. She gotta nice a$$ i’m takin that down fasho!!!!! #WP

      • Mister Mister

        I’m with ya’ll, she could definitely get it

    • trap101 (The Corp North)

      ***Tosses red flag onto field***……I challenge the play on the field “Illegal movement” by the QB, that ass don’t look like it move right….but ask me if I won’t smash though….

  • President Ward

    Pass. I think Rosee is the coldest white girl out here.

    Wolfpack Inc.

    • bighomie53

      C’mon @P Ward,, She killin Rosee strong jaw man face a$$!!!!! #WP

  • Realtalkin


  • smashing till the cows come home. you can decide if the goods are fake or not i guess..

    • Mister Mister

      Her azz does a look a lil deformed in a couple pics now that u mention it

  • DCAssLuva

    she kinda phat

  • lazarus

    The pic in the hallway is the truth. May have to put the ANS forensics team on this tho.(@Scooty)

  • BullnBearHP

    She good.

  • ballzdeepigo

    Hallway pic just how I want her!

  • Bk777

    Kristina Mei Ling is an escort in Vegas. Has sucked n fucked every celeb comin thru Vegas! Chinese French? Both races known for no ass! Definitely fake ass but still smash worthy! For the right price u can have miss Ching Chong!