Model Of Moment: Phylicia Benn

· January 17, 2013


Model of the moment Phylicia Benn is down with Team Chocolate.She is from Brooklyn NY 5’7 120 pounds with a whole lot of that it factor. Are you feeling her?


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Discussion18 Comments

  1. President Ward says:

    She’s good.

  2. NoWhiteInMyCup says:

    not a dime but damnnnnn she fine, body waist /hip ratio a banger

  3. Queso (The Corp) says:


  4. BzB says:

    she has a lot of potential. this is a good start. need to keep puttin in work.

  5. Southwestern says:

    10-15 more pounds and I’m wit it.

  6. Jamez says:

    this is a great example of that question earlier bout thick blk women modeling. she can be in both worlds. her other pix are on her tumblr phylicabenn or modelgeek

  7. bloggette says:

    One of the slimmest waists I’ve seen …

  8. DonkRida says:

    She good to go

    • Jamez says:

      Then please define what a model is. A tall white woman/man thats boney?? What doesnt make her a model?? Cuz she Does get paid unlike these instagram chicks. Plus there are other forms of modeling but it seems like yall only know/want ass models then box em in. Make up yo mind, do yall want progress or not….and on a side note for those that always say ‘she needs to be more thick’, THATS A HUGE FACTOR IN WHY WOMEN GET RIDICULOUS IMPLANTS AND RISK THEY HEALTH TRYNA IMPRESS YALL. Having a phatt ass aint everything…

  9. Tim says:

    Dime stat here, but not a model….Mosdef a Dime though!

  10. Type of chick who can ride in your car bumping T.I.’s Cruisin. Then bend Miss Benn in her fav position on the beach.

  11. Wolfy says:

    She is absolutely gorgeous… and silly, too! A real winner…

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