Model Lois Shine’s So Bright!

· May 13, 2013

Model Lois Shine is on the come up, check out some of her pics and video. Are you feeling her?

Props Playboy69

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  1. She got that khrysti hill look LOL. Definitely smashworthy tho

  2. Big El says:

    Hey Lois, I can be your Superman everyday! She’s 9.5 to me!

  3. cadillacgrease of CorpTx says:

    i hope that f’n graffiti on her leg is fake..other than that I’d beedi beda beat it up

  4. Cold and Hot says:

    Damn girl!!!

  5. President Ward says:

    She badd.

  6. seanjohn100 says:

    love me some light skin broads

  7. 850 says:

    Throws up 8 card.

  8. DonkRida says:

    Oh yeah she’s proper. Look like she work out too

    • 850 says:

      @Donkrider what up partner what it do? Where’s Cakes at I gotta see her scorecard.

      • DonkRida says:

        What’s good @850? Man I been gone too long lol, who’s Cakes?

        • MoorFeen4Lorraine says:

          Look at these Coalition troops in here bout to smash on a #Bp. Its a rare sight. What’s up doe?

          • MoorFeen4Lorraine says:

            *what up, not what’s up* smh

          • DonkRida says:

            Ain’t nuttin @Moor just koolin my nigg. I see you keepin things in order around this biatch

          • Playboy69 says:

            @Donk…. Moor has been on Lorraine simp juice lately and she not TC she is a REDBONE with green eyes! Moor past on the Chocolate Queens Brianna Bette & Cat Washington. in the last post….BTW which Brianna Bette won …U better check yo homie… It’s CODE RED FOR TC…LMFAO!

      • Cakes(what they know about) says:

        Hey 850 throwing up a 9.8 love her look she got an Ashanti vibe and daamn Donkrida thats cold lol its all good though

  9. Newyorkvixen says:

    She good money super average tho

  10. 828jeffe says:

    Nice body cute face she does favor Ashanti but that ain’t a bad thing 8 piece

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