Houston Texas model Dominique Chinn has caught the healthy bug and recently lost weight like a lot of her other modeling colleagues. Dominique was pictured on the set of a upcoming Blackmens magazine shoot coming out soon. Thoughts?


5 months ago

  • NOJhoke

    Man Face….

    • queso

      Hell yea! U know if she got a brother they look just alike…..waaaaaaait a min..Dominique u got a brother name CHICAP?..

      • G

        Man face….I said the same thing LOL


      Nice body but FUGGLY FACE

      • From head to toe I like her. The body is amazing, but I like her smile. Ok, lofl…… maybe she do look a little stron on the face, and got a mean forhead. I’d still smash

  • I’m STILL the Prince!!

    She got a mouth on her, I’ll tell u that!!! But her homegirl look better then her!!!

    • trap101

      i’m wit u on that one, that mouth gives you the “tingles”

      • Yeah the friend is hotter…but I’d smash d chin too

  • prince_kosmic

    she looks like a fine azz komodo dragon. If not for the soft lookin azz, I’d think she was a man. Another ugly but fine woman. The other girl has a man’s face too….lol.

  • Jay-B

    That’s a dude!!!!

    • Just my opinion, Hahz wouldn’t disrespect the Wolpack with tranvestite pics. I think it ain’t nuttin but p***y in dem panties.

  • RussellReed

    With that big ole wolf pu$$y

  • Don’t know how she looked before she lost weight, but theses pics look Aight. I give her a 7 barely.

  • too_funny

    She look like Wacka Flocka … but that body would have me like fukk up

  • holy1

    How can ya’ll look at this and not see a man? Looks like a tranny to me in every pic smh

  • Red Of teamchocolate

    She Is exactly What BP CORP Likes………..Manly looking Women

  • WJR803

    Dats gotta be a man, cmon u know how those dudes in atl b doing. Lol!!!
    Real talk damn heshe ugly azz hell. Yo hahz delete this post asap bro!!

    • S.W.ATL MADE

      Naw homie she from Houston

    • prince_kosmic

      Naw playa, you got the game all wrong. These dudes from atl? Since when did atl have more moist dudes than any city in California or Chicago (no offense)?…lol. Anyway, flaming dudes in atl are just a hot mess, they usually don’t cross dress or get complete gender overhauls…lol. That is usually.



  • realtalkldn

    she look too manly, its prob her chin structure but good body

  • Methodist Man

    masculine for sure. I dnt knw though man, something a bout a chick with a wide mouth and big lips that turns me on.

  • I can tell that she’s been working out, that body’s getting tight…nice. PEACE!!!

  • Panicky Pete

    Tranny watch. Look like one of those trannies in Vegas that’ll fool u. Reach down and mess around and have a hand full of Italian sausage

  • drejones

    maaaaaaaan!!!!! not even a lil pretty.