A Nigerian woman, Cynthia Osokogu, was lured and killed by two male friends from her Facebook page. She was a grad student, a model, and owned a fashion boutique outside Nigeria’s capital Abuja. In July, she traveled to Lagos to buy new stock from a man she met and “friended” on Facebook. The two killers were identified as Echezona Nwabufor and Ezekiel Eloka.The men offered Cynthia a free plane ride and hotel room to help her with her business. They told Cynthia they had connections and could help her access material for her clothing line for less than what she was paying in Abuja. But they had other intentions. Cynthia was drugged and beaten to death. Umar A. Manko, Commissioner of Police in Lagos says,

“They used tape to block her mouth, they used some chains to tie her and she might have struggled and then they strangled her to death, yes.”


  • MoorFedayeen

    Meeting up with mothaphuckas off the internet then wtf you expect? And why is this even news on CNN. It has nothing to do with America or a country. Sh1t like this happens every day

    • TruDat

      Co sign like a mutha……….facebook, craigs list etc done got many a mofo killed. SMH

    • brickcity kid

      for all your so called intellect you say some dumbass shit homie. Its a human intrest story. CNN has internation converage thats why it was on. She was sister doing her thing and did’nt deserve to die. Period.

      • MoorFedayeen

        It has nothing to do with anything and its an isolated incident so how is relevant? Sad, F*CK YES, but relevant, NO. Your dumb black azz doesn’t even know when you’re being demonized and you become indignant with a person that happens to notice what CNN does. Ppl die by the hands of others in Europe and America everyday and the vast majority of viewers are white so they keep talkin about us? Does this story help our image? Its more sensationalism. Learn just how corporate owned media works and you’ll never question what I say again.

        • Roger

          You seriously need professional help MoorFedayeen.

          Seek it.

  • TruDat

    My motto is “trust no one” and be suspicious of everybody. another senseless death

    One Love

    • four real. crazy world we living in dawg…

      • Realtalkin


        • queso (The Corp)


          • 1luv

            same here!

    • Things like this is excatly why I only deal with people that I know as far as the internet and facebook is concerned. Everyone else can kick rocks when it comes to the internet.

  • nerdyasswhiteguy

    This story is hella old buddy

  • cappadona dante

    It is tragic and disgusting the people have to go out of their way to harm otherz,those 2 should getz the death penalty

  • DTA: Don’t Trust Anybody

  • tyuaza

    another one bites the dust

    • tyuaza

      and do i even need to say it dig a ditch and burn them

  • Sadiki

    Why is it even on CNN?Because it happened to a human being that is why.Also it matters to me because it was a sista and she didn’t deserve to go out that way.I am from Canada and it doesn’t matter the country she came from because she looks like a member of my fam so it means something.As far as meeting someone from the internet we are in the information age and folks meet folks like that all the time(even get married also).It doesn’t matter the place it is the mentality of the person.One could meet someone form their work,school or religious gathering and that chit can still happen.Peace!

  • R.I.P Cynthia Osokogu she was beautiful I hope they rot in jail

  • NoWhiteINmyCup

    SMH God bless R.I.P dont make no sense pray to God and be on ya pees and q’s and analyze as much as you can sad smh God bless fam everyone